Shopping in Italy

  1. Hello All!

    This is my first post. My name is Crystal and I am a shopaholic. :smile: I will be travelling to Italy (Rome, Florence and Venice) next month, so I wanted to know if anybody knew of any "hot spots" to get real designer, fendi, dior, etc. I have heard that there is a designer outlet outside of Florence. So I will definitely look into that. I can't wait to read your responses. Until then.....
  2. Gucci and Prada both has outlets a short distance outside Firenze. Do a Google search for Gucci Prada Outlets Italy and you will find them. Best to sign up for a tour (a shopping tour =) because they are not that easy to find (especially Prada. . . which is called Space.) The tours pick you up in Florence, take you there, and allow about 3 - 4 hours for shopping (this is a mall type affair. . . lots of shops.) Space in particular often has a line waiting to get in. But beware: the inventory changes daily, and every day isn't great =( Also beware: when you return home, customs will want to know why you are returning with so many handbags (wallets, sunglasses, etc. =) and want to charge you duty on those items (safe you receipts, otherwise they will arbitrarily assing some hypothetical "retail value" and charge you based on that.)

    But, all in all, it is FUN FUN FUN and. . .do arrange to take a tour; don't try it on your own, especially if this is your first visit.