Shopping In Italy

  1. I am going to Florence and Venice for vacation next month and I want to get a new bag while I am there. I know all about the outlet shopping but I have a few Gucci bags and am not a huge fan of Prada. I want to get something different a name not easily found or known here in the US.

    Anyone have any suggestions for stores or designers I should checkout while I am there?

  2. If you are looking for something different, realize if you decide you want to sell later, it might be difficult. I just find it amazing sometimes how Michael Kors bags and Dooney and Bourke bags, even when they are at TJ Maxx and Marshalls STILL get top dollar on eBay. However, Italian brands not really known here, go for PENNIES. I see some GORGEOUS Italian bags in our TJMaxx and Marshalls all the time, but I've NEVER heard of them or seen them in ANY local stores other than the outlets, yet their retail prices are in the $600 and $700 range (or more).

    With that said, if you find something you LOVE, then GREAT! It will be a great souvenir from traveling. When we went to Italy, DH refused to step foot in any shop... so all we got was a small glasswork piece from Venice for our curio cabinet (we get something small from each trip).

    BUT... I just saw this book today on Amazon when I was trying to find info about this great bag I just saw - by Renato Angi.

    This is the link to the book - sounds interesting!

    And this one:

    Remember though, the dollar is WEAK, so bags will seem high unless you do get to an outlet.

    If you want a regular wonderful tour book, get some Rick Steve guides. We LOVED his tips and guides and found it quite good for great places to eat too (if you like to eat like the locals).
  3. When I went to Venice it was really hard to find like a little bag shops with underground designers. There are so many big labels there it's like walking down 5th ave. But I picked up a Gucci bag and I love it. You might want to get a travel guide for Venice to look up little shops and stores.
  4. Florence is a great place to buy leather or alligator. I bought a gorgeous saffron color Trussardi bag there, I still get tons of compliments on. The leather is TDF & I paid $187eu for it 2 years ago. Wish I would of bought the eggplant color too.
    We bought lots of skin items, at a fraction of the cost we'd pay here. We are going back next year.
    Lots of the designers have outlets there. The designer stuff I might sell but these leather items I got in Florence I will never let go of. This quality of leather I haven't found in the USA.
  5. Is it true that Bottega is a little cheaper in Venice? I am also planning a trip there in the spring and I am considering a BV unless its obscenely priced.
  6. I found designer pricing to be a wash with the US. Our dollar is so weak compared to the Euro & its worse now than in March '07. Actually I can't remember which designer but it was actually cheaper to buy in the US.
  7. Furla is huge in Italy. Gorgeous bags for very reasonable prices, are extremely well made, and hold up very well. I bought a furla last summer in Venice and have been carrying it since, and the leather has only become more gorgeous. For me, Furla is definitely a must when in Italy. The selection is to die for.

    Another brand that has nice things is Coccinelle. I would say its comparable to Furla/Coach, and is relatively popular over there. My sister picked up a few things from that line last year, and they've held up really well.

    I would recommend avoiding the usual designer shops and try something new. It will be unique when you bring it back home.

    Make sure you get your tax free for tourists when you spend over 150 euros!

    I'm trying to think of other Italian brands that I buy when I'm over there, but of course when you try to think about it, you always forget! If I remember anywhere else specific, I'll post, because my family and I frequent Venice quite often when we summer in Italy, as it is only about an hour away from our family house
  8. I think Longchamp can be bought cheaper there. I went there with my mom and bought an amazing leather satchel for a huge bargain compared to the US price! Its now super soft and I get a least two people each week asking me where I got it.
  9. In Florence, Scuola del Cuoio has lots of refined, classic styles in smooth leather and exotics.

    Bojola and Il Bisonte are good for more rustic bags in natural colors with minimal hardware that are all about the beauty of the leather.

    There's also a lot of Alviero Martini available if you like the map pattern.
  10. Go to The Mall - just outside Florence!!!! In addition to Gucci, they have BV there as well as YSL, Balenciaga (but not many bags) and Marni. You will definitely find something gorgeous.....
  11. I'd also reccomend The Mall

    call their customer service line on +39 055 865 775 when you're in florence to arrange a car to take you there and back to the city. it's about 25 euros for the round trip.
  12. I also recommend Furla, I love their bags and they are reasonably priced.
  13. Thanks everyone for your suggestions. I don't expect to be doing too much shopping since the dollar/euro exchange rate is terrible but I do like to get a little something from places I visit. Last year I bought my LV Speedy in Paris and the price difference from the NYC was considerable so I am hoping to luck out in Italy as well.

    Thanks again.
  14. I hope you have a wonderful time!!! Have fun site seeing and of course, Shopping!!!