Shopping in Italy

  1. Hello all! I am a louis Vuitton collector and wanted to mention something:

    I try to always buy a new bag in every country that i visit, so while visiting Florence I bought my new Azur speedy 30. :yahoo:

    AS we were leaving the women said, Oh are you aware of our new printing service? You can get your initials printed into the leather. Do they do that in the USA too?? It looks so pretty. You can choose what color you want, on the monogram gold looks fab and on my AZUR i got Burgandy, the color that is on the inside of the handles!! You can choose what size and up to 3 letters!!

    New fun free service from LV!!!:wlae:

    check it out!
  2. post pics when you can.:tup:
  3. WoulD love to see pictures of that!
  4. Are you talking about hotstamping?

  5. ^^^^^^^

    Yes, LV will do that for you. Go to the "heat stamped club" and you will see all the different combinations. Congrats on your new bag!!!!!
  6. i will post pics, give me time so that i can figure it out!!
  7. Oh cool.
  8. Congrats! I can't wait to see pics.
  9. congrats. i play that game too!
    it drives my dad mad that we have to hunt down LV stores. he finally said no to LV in portugal since they live there part of the year and i go to visit he said that was taking it a bit to far.
  10. Congrats!!! Yea if your talking about hot stamping they do that here in the US. Can't wait to see pics though.
  11. Yup, it's nothing new, just heat/hot stamping, which is a free service provided by LV for their products.
  12. Congrats, I love heat stamping!
  13. Perhaps the location the original poster visited only recently started doing hotstamping. I don't think all locations do it.
  14. ^Maybe.

    Btw: has anyone ever been to Louis Vuitton Verone?
  15. Grats on your new Azur! I'll be in Florence in November maybe I'll pick up something as a "souvenir" too :smile: .. I've never had anything Heat/hot stamped, thanks for bringing that up, I'd like to learn more about that myself.