Shopping in Italy


Nov 28, 2006
My friend is going to Italy next week. I REALLY want the Signoria bag. It is a new bag for the Fall collection. It is out in the stores but it is not listed on yet. I have a few questions. It is $1295 here in the U.S. does anyone know how much it will be in Italy.In general are the prices the same in Italy as they are in the US? I know I will get my tax back but with the bad exchange rate is it worth it to give her money to get it there? Or should I just open a Saks account and save 10% but then tax eats up all my savings. Another thing is if there is anything wrong with it for some reason will Gucci here stand behind it?


Apr 4, 2007
Hey beljwl, it's been a few years since I went to Italy but prices of Italian designer goods are definitely better there. I estimate around 30% cheaper but as you mentioned, you do need to account for the exchange rate. My friends bought some Gucci handbags in Italy a few years ago and something that was priced at $1000 here was about $700 and that was before the VAT return. :nuts:

Is your friend not going to shop while she's there? If she buys stuff for both herself and you, she might end up paying duty/taxes when she brings the goodies home. In Canada, we're allowed to bring back $750 worth (roughly the equivalent of one handbag) before we get taxed.

But lucky you if you do get this opportunity to snag the Signoria direct from Italy!


Jun 13, 2007
I was in Verona, Italy last month and I noticed there was hardly no differnce in price from euro to £'s (uk sterling). I was planning on buying the Gucci wave in medium but when I worked out the price there was only £10 difference. With regards to the bag having a problem if you have your original gucci receipt they will sort the problem in any gucci store. Hope this helps!!

p.s. tell you friend to go to the gucci outlet in Florence, last year I spent so much in there!