Shopping in Ireland?

  1. Ladies, I am going to Ireland at the end of the month, and wondered if there is anywhere there that is good for shopping. I'll be in Galway and Dublin, but not in the far north or far south. I realize that it's not the shopping mecca that, for example, Italy is, but thought there may be things there that I can't find in the US. Any ideas?
  2. I'll get back to you Kathy - I'm in Dublin - have to fly out the door now but will have loads of tips for you - you're gonna have a ball in Dublin.
    I'll give you food/bar/restaurant tips as well if you like!
  3. Thanks much, Deeply Desirous!!
  4. hi Deeply desirous,

    do you mind sharing the information with me too? my friend is going in there in a week time. thanks :smile:
  5. Hi I live in Northern Ireland but go to Dublin quite a lot for shopping, there is a dept store on Grafton Street called Brown Thomas which is absolutely fab - full of designer handbags, shoes, make up etc. You should find everything you need and more in there - it is equivalent to Harrods in London.
  6. I live in London but when I am in Dublin, Brown Thomas is my first port of call - it is amazing, I love it!
  7. Funny, I started this thread months ago, before my April Ireland trip. I ended up at Brown Thomas, and definitely agree that it is the best destination for good bags. Let us know what you get!
  8. I went to Ireland this Mar. It was so awesome I wanna move to Dublin. Grafton St., St. Stephens Green (where I did most of my shopping), Henry St., and Temple Bar are great places to shop in Dublin.
  9. hi im from cork which is bout 180 miles from dublin i regulary go there you should definitely visit dundrum shopping centre its in dublin loads of shops there both designer and high shops definitely worth trip this is the webpage bout it
  10. Hello ladies.. thank you for the responses.. it definitely will help my friend ..:tup1:
  11. another question, may i know whether they have longchamp at the airport or any store in dublin? thx
  12. Sorry to dig up this thread. Is it worth taking a DAY trip from London to Dublin in order to get savings (pounds to euro)on a bag from the likes of Chanel and Celine.