Shopping in Houston?

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  1. I'm going to be visiting in Houston for about a week. Any places I must go to shop or eat at? Thanks!
  2. For shopping, one word: Galleria.
  3. ^^^

    there are other boutiques, but you definitely need a car to get around the city. tootsies stocks high end RTW (valentino, lanvin, derek lam, etc.) , joseph has gobs of CLs, prada, MJ (shoes and bags), mix has shoes/RTW (a bit more avant garde - think dries van noten, comme de garcons, etc.).

    you can really get anything you want at the galleria other than lanvin (which gregory's used to carry, but stopped)

    if you like vintage shops, take a stroll down montrose.

    my favorite new place to eat is ruggles green, and other than that, all of my food suggestions are going to be mexican food. PM me if you want anything specific. HTH!
  4. Hey canada's, are you in Houston? We should hang out sometimes :graucho: I love Mexican food too.
  5. Alice1979: took the word right out of my mouth lol.
    if you're looking for bargains: TJ Maxx. The one by the Galleria (it's on Richmond) has the designer bags and things like that. I love it!
  6. There's also a outlet in Cypress :smile:

    I like Berryhill for Mexican food & I've heard good things about Cafe Adobe.
  7. For Mexican food (Tex Mex), try Maria Selma's on Richmond. Kicks Cafe Adobe's a$$. It got popular after the head chef at Cafe Annie said it's where he eats on his day off.

    Hugo's is amazing for high end, more elegant Mexican food, but it's more like food you would get in a good restaurant in Mexico City.
  8. Absolutely! Galleria = Heaven

    My fave Mexican is Pappasitos. Mixed fajitas and a grande gold margarita....delicious!!
  9. Pappadeaux for seafood, Lupe's Tortilla for Mexican, Mark's for fine dining, Grotto's or Carabba's for Italian.

    Go to Katy Mills Outlet for Saks Off Fifth and Neiman's Last Call
  10. Chuy's has the BEST Mexican is on Westheimer (East of Galleria - maybe a 5 - 7 minute drive).

    I also liked Barnaby's on Sheppard Avenue. Very casual but has a nice patio (dog friendly) with generous portions at amazing prices.

    For Greek, a place called Niko Niko's in the Montrose area (sorry, I forget exactly where as it has been 3 years since I lived there).
  11. The Galleria is fantastic! Surprisingly enough, they carry more high end brands, therefore attracting more customers without a sale, but I've gotten most of my clothing there. The prices are just lower. I don't know if that made any sense..

    I love Rice Village also. It's just a nice mix of little shops. From clothes to custom framing!

    As for food, I like this Indian restaurant in Sugar Land called Shiva. It's fantastic!
  12. I'm going to chime in and suggest the Galleria as well. Other notable spots are Highland Village, Rice Village, Katy Mills (for Off 5th and Last Call).
    I love Cafe Adobe's margarita's. :drinkup:
    I'm also a huge fan of calamari and I think Benjy's in Rice Village is worth checking out for a quick lunch
  13. For eats, go to El Tiempo (the best Mexican food!). Pappasito's and Chuy's are consistany good too. But make sure you eat some Tex-Mex while you are here!

    Lots of good places to shop in Houston, but don't expect to shop in downtown. Lots of good places to eat and nightclubs in downtown but it definetly is no shopping mecca.
  14. also, Willowbrook Mall has a few stores that the Galleria doesn't have such as Aerie. And I'm not just suggesting it because I live by it lol.
    If you're a flea market type of person I suggest Traders Village. Harwin also sells a ton of cheap jewelry and things like that. Bags...they're not real xD
  15. no, and i miss each and every day. :crybaby:

    but i grew up there and know the city inside and out. i'll have to PM you when i'm visiting my folks. xx