Shopping in Hong Kong...any must-have?

  1. I will be flying to Hong Kong tomorrow. Are there any Chanel bags, accessories that are exclusive to Hong Kong or any rare items to get? I understand there are 8 Chanel stores but what about consignment/second hand shops? What are their locations?
  2. Ooooo...I would love to know too. I'm flying there in Nov.:wlae:
  3. oh.. not many rare items here. and chanel bags are sold out very quickly. all expandables are gone. many paris biaritz and classic items in black and beige.

    enjoy yout stay here.. :yes:
  4. Some bags from Act Two arrives in the Chanel Shop in Hong Kong today, including the Padded Envelop.

    There are many second hand shops in HK that have Chanel bags. But their price is usually higher than the fixed price in Chanel shop for the hot items or items that the Chanel shop does not carry.

  5. Hi Shopgirl bb, do you know if light silver, dark silver, or metallic black reissues are considered as HOT items in HK? TIA :smile:
  6. The 2.55 reissue is always in demand.

    The Bubble Quilt is a hot item these days.:party:
  7. Thanks for the info. I am glad that I purchased my light silver reissue in the US.

    Yup, BQ is hot. I bought a light beige BQ flap initially, but decided to exchange it for a modern chain flap instead.
  8. How about Lady Braid satchel? I've got a friend going to HK next week, just wondering if lady braid is available and how much? TIA
  9. This thread is perfect because I'll be going to Hong Kong in a month and I'm saving up to buy a Chanel. Is the cambon ligne line popular there? Could I get a black tote?
  10. Am i still able to find a coco cabas (leather or vinyl) in HK either in boutiques or second hand shops? anyone know the current price?
  11. no more cabas in the boutiques, yes you can still get cabas in consignment shops (they sell brand new and second hand), make sure you learn a few authication tips before you go, although most shops will say gurantee authentic, you are still buying at your own risk....

    The prices at the second shop are usually higher than what it is retailed for, but if it's a used one then might be slightly (only) cheaper... you can bargain, and if they are willing to give you some discounts, tell them you can pay cash, they'll give another few % off on top of that...

    There are a lot such shops in HK... it's fun to browse in the shops... they have interesting and hard to find stuff...but I have to say again, becareful if you want to buy, examine the bag thoroughly as much as you can...

    The biggest chain is Milan station... they have shops in all the major shopping districts... and they have instalment plans with major credit card company (so I am thinking that they are more trustworthy...)

    Other consignment shops are Italy Station, Paris Station, VIP station....they like to call themselves "station" I guess to ride on Milan station...

    I don't work for these shops but i thought I could sure some info...
  12. I prefer buying my Chanel Bags from the U.S. when everything is out of stock in Hong Kong. At lease you know that your purchase is from the Chanel shop. Although I have to say that I also sometimes sell my authentic Chanel Bags to these second hand shop in HK.
  13. would you make profit to sell chanel bags to the second hand shops in HK? for example, a leather coco cabas is selling $1995 in the U.S. would i able sell to them at least for $15000HKD?
  14. Unless it's a highly demand and hard to get bag, you rarely make $ by selling to second hand shop... IMHO, listing on eBay is better off if you really need to sell...


  15. totally agree! a few years back i brought 5 bags to HK hoping to get higher returns from selling it at Milan Station rather than in Singapore. Unfortunately, they rejected my bags cos' they weren't popular enough and I had to lug it back home....:graucho:. I would think that the bags with higher returns at these places are still LVs and Guccis (those with monograms....) there seems to be a constant demand for it....