Shopping in HK

  1. If I live in HK, I would have gone bankrupt long ago!!!! I only spent such a short time there on my most recent trip and I have spent enough to request an increase in credit card limit! :shame: And I am going there again in 2 weeks' time! :sweatdrop:

    Anyways, I have not taken pics of all that I bought yet....But here are some of them first....its a mixture of BV + non-BV.
    Copy of DSCF2343.jpg
  2. Inspired by ms piggy's recent purchase for her DH....
    Copy of DSCF2346.jpg
  3. These shoes are from some HK local brands. Value-for-money and very comfy! :smile:
    Copy of DSCF2345.jpg
  4. That's what happens to me every time I go to HK. Too many goodies there!! I'm sure you enjoyed your trip very much. When you go again in 2 weeks, the temptation will be even higher with the big Christma sale.
  5. Another item from BV...
    Copy of DSCF2657.jpg
  6. Finally kopibaby! :woohoo: But my dear, please show the items inside, much as we love the packaging of brown and orange boxes. :lol: :amuse:

    Nice shoes there, someone is loving flats I see. :graucho:
  7. I think you must be looking forward to HK again in two weeks time. Do you have any idea how much a classic BV Sloane bag in HK compare to Sing.
  8. I do not have the exact cost but generally HK's prices are around 10%-15% cheaper than Singapore.
  9. Yea, apparently prices in HK is cheaper than in the US too. I find it pretty odd.


    kopibaby- i can imagine being broke while in HK; that explains why i move to the US :yes:

    no more teasing us and start stripping those dustbags and boxes away. Is that something in Carmino?:graucho:
    btw, what is that in ebano there? is that a sunglasses case? looks pretty!
  10. In Canada, the only place selling BV is Holt Renfrew - and they tend to have an extremely conservative selection both in terms of colours and designs. I am pretty sure I'd be completely broke if I lived in HK and had access to a much wider range of BV! kopibaby, you have some very tantalizing items!....
  11. Hi! I live in Hong Kong! I agree that living in HK will absolutely incur a lot of spending :tup: kopibaby, I love those shoes u have brought, they are so nice!
  12. show us! show us! :cutesy:
  13. Cmon Kopibaby, where are you??? We are all waiting for the big reveal!!!! Lovely shoes BTW! I'm a big fan of flats myself.:party:
  14. I will be going to HK in a week, where did you get those shoes, they are lovely! I plan to head down to the BV shop as well when I am there.
  15. I'm planning to go to HK at the end of Jan, will the sale still be around?
    Do they have 50% BV sale like we do here as well??