shopping in germany??

  1. Will they do the transfer for the item they don't have in store???
  2. When you got back in the state, Do they charge you duty tax????
  3. Viel Spass!! The prices here all include sales tax, which you can claim back either at the airport when you leave or when you arrive. Depends..
  4. I bought three out of four LV-items in Berlin:

    One at the KaDeWe: A very nice in store-store, but sometimes rather crowded...
    I personally prefer buying at the Friedrichsstraße Boutique (Quartier 206). The store is larger and (just personal experience) less crowded. The staff was nice and very helpful in both stores.
    Enjoy your trip and have fun with buying your LVs!
  5. can we use US dollar in LV store in Germany?
    or I have to use their euro
  6. can we use US DOLLAR in LV store?
  7. Sorry, I do not know! I usually pay with credit cards...
    Maybe a fellow TPF-follower knows it better!
    Nevertheless, good luck and enjoy your trip to Berlin! :smile:
  8. No, I don't think so.
  9. No Dollars accepted...
  10. Just remember that if you use a credit card for the purchase your bank may charge you a conversion fee, which is typically around 3%. And, if you use your passport to get the VAT refund, you will need to leave the EU within a certain timeframe (3 months??).
  11. so you said the price on website is included tax right. That amount we pay additional tax.
  12. I went to LV store yesterday to Nurnberg and purchased Rivingotn pm with vat tax free form payd 596 euro,original price was 710 euro..i love germany and so sad that we're moving back to states soon(((
  13. taxes are refunded because of V.A.T., but don't you have to pay customs and/or american taxes when entering U.S. ?
  14. hi there
    can i make vat tax free in the store ??
  15. ؟؟