Shopping in Dallas?

  1. Anyone know of the best places to shop in Dallas - besides the mall?
  2. Where in Dallas would be most convenient for you? And I think the DFW area has the most malls than anywhere else in the country :p
  3. dvillesoccer - you should definitely get in touch with Swanky Mama of Three. She's a tPF Mod and has fabulous taste and an amazing collection! I remember she's in the Dallas area too (I was born & raised there so I'm always looking for my fellow Texans :p).
  4. Northpark Mall for classic, understated, true class.
    The Galleria for trendy, volume & excess.
    Grapevine Mills for outlets & tons of bargains.
  5. Agree with soundpam. But, if you are willing to dirve a little bit- consider the Allen outlets and the hillsboro outlets!
  6. "besides a mall"?

    We'll need more info from you about what you're looking for please:yes
  7. Oops - didn't see the "besides the mall" - I should read more carefully. Northpark is less mall-like (I hate malls but love Northpark). There are a lot of really nice boutiques in the Turtle Creek/ Highland Park / North Dallas area. Preston used to be nice but it's been taken over by outlets - great bargains though. There are some great "artsy" shops near downtown - McKinney Ave, lower Greenville area & even some in Deep Ellum. (Ahab Bowen off McKinney is a great vintage store.) I haven't been downtown in a while but, if it's still there, the original Neiman Marcus has always been the epitome of Dallas shopping.
  8. I've never been to Dallas, but I shop via phone in the downtown NM store. I'm no help am I??
  9. Thanks! I like shopping there and didn't know what everyone else did in that area for the best deals!