Shopping in Dallas...any advice?

  1. Neiman Marcus
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  1. I am going to Dallas in a few weeks for a business trip and will have a few days free. Is anybody from the area? Do you know of good shopping places, other than the Galleria?

    Also, how close is the Galleria to downtown? Is a close enough to take a cab?

  2. Hi there. These are my recommendations for Dallas shopping (I've lived here over 10 years).

    1. Galleria = not real close to downtown, probably 20 minutes away, has many upscale department stores and boutiques (Saks / Nordstrom / Louis Vuitton / Gucci), very huge mall with ice skating rink!! If you're a tourist, this is definitely the mall to go to!

    2. Northpark Center = I personally like Northpark better. It has Neiman Marcus, a more upscale Nordstrom. Other stores in Northpark = Burberry. No LV or Gucci. Is a much smaller mall than the Galleria but I'm a Neiman's addict so that's probably why I like it better. Is closer to downtown... not even 10 minutes away.

    3. Highland Park Village = this is the mecca of high end stores! Hermes, Escada, Jimmy Choo, Chanel. This is also fairly close to downtown... probably about 10 minutes away.

    4. There is a Neiman Marcus downtown, which I think by far has the best selection of designer items. Of course, it's downtown so close to where you're staying but I would still cab it because parts of downtown are scary.

    This is all I can think of right now, but I will add more later.
  3. You should pm Swanky, I believe she lives in the area.
  4. Thanks for the advice. Sounds like Dallas has some great shopping.
  5. Dont forget Grapevine Mills Mall. Place was HUGE when I went a few years ago....
  6. Yes, Grapevine Mills is a good outlet center. Has Neimans Last Call and Off Fifth. However, it's very far from downtown... about 35 minutes from downtown. Although it's closer to DFW (Dallas/Ft. Worth) airport.
  7. Oh ok. See it was kinda close to the hotel I was staying @. Dont know much about driving in Dallas. LOL.
  8. Thanks drtng for those listings...those are really helpful...
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