shopping in charlotte..

  1. Hey girls. ;) I am going to visit my boyfriend's parents next week in Charlotte. Where can I get my Chanel fix on?? And what's the tax in North Carolina? TIA!!!
  2. The SouthPark Mall in Charlotte. There is a Chanel Boutique in the Neiman Marcus store. Love it! There have been a couple of tPF get togethers there.

    Not sure about the tax. I live in SC, but have purchased several bags there. You would think I would know the tax.

    Have fun.
  3. omg, thank you for responding! i was starting to worry that there is no chanel!!!!! I did a search on the website and it said no chanels within 100 miles of charlotte~wierd!
  4. Chanel is in Neiman's, and they have chanel clothing upstairs hermes and vuitton are right outside NM. tax is 7% or 7.5%

  5. thank you both!