shopping in Belgum???

  1. hi everybody..
    im leaving to brussels next month and i was wondering if anyone been there and could give me info about shopping there!
    ive never been there befor and im looking forward to this trip:rolleyes:
    any info would help...thanx alot:flowers:
  2. Antwerp and Brussels...
    Antwerp is a really nice place!!!
  3. I love the way even ordinary Belgian woman cultivate a sense of style in Antwerp. And how even cheap chain stores sell interesting looking clothing. At least that's how it looked to me when I was there in March. Not like in the States.
  4. Go to Antwerp for shopping in Belgium.

    As for Brussels, you can get some really beautiful antique jewelry and yummy chocolates/jellies. For clothing, basically it's the same stores all over Europe -- nothing that exciting. Brussels is pretty small. I know this is touristy but I really loved this one narrow street with all the Moules Frites restaurants.

    Have fun! :biggrin:
  5. I'm going to antwerp on the 10th... can't wait!!!! - sales start SOON!!!
    by the way... if you're in belguim, visiting The nethelands (MAASTRICHT) is a good idea... Maastricht is WONDERFULL!!!
  6. I was there last year!! its amazing I loved it....I don't know what was the name of the street but it had all the brand names like chanel and stuff...nice coffee shops too....theres also a shopping area just opposite the sheraton hotel...Rue Neuve its a shopping area there... I meant to say its all in Brussels

    Just to relax and enjoy the place visit Le grand place...its a square with lots of cofee shops and restaurants,u might need that after shopping all day :smile:
  7. wooooooooooooooooow
    thanx to all of u girls...
    u've been a great help :smile:
  8. I also LOVE shopping in Antwerp. :heart: I bought my wedding dress there. It's such a great city!
  9. Boulevard de Waterloo is a great street for shopping on both sides, they have little boutiques to main stream designers. It is perpendicular to Ave. Louis, the part close to B. de Waterloo has nice shops too.
    Antoine Dansaertsstraat is also popular and trendy.

    If you want some more Belgian style or unique boutiques, then Antwerp is better. Walk out of the Central station, then walk straight down to Meir, especially towards the end of it, that's where the little boutiques are tagged into the side streets.

    Great shoe shopping in Belgium.
  10. I love love love love Maastricht it has the closest thing to a Saks or NM there (V&D) I love love love walking around!! So pretty! From where i am i can do daytrips on the weekend!!
  11. thanxxxxxxxxxxxxxx a million...all of u girls
    uve been a great help :smile: