Shopping in bangkok , celine , lv, balenciaga, chanel

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  1. Hello Ladies , i plan to go to Bangkok in 2 Weeks. I Sas that there is a chanel and a celine Shop in the AirPort ? Has anybody been there already hows the product range ? How are the prices compared to Singapore ? What's about lv and balenciGa ?
  2. I have been at the celine, lv, balenciaga and chanel stores in the city center. I could not find any at the airport though, at least not for bags.

    The stores,
    Siam Paragon: Chanel and Balenciaga stores.
    Gaysorn: LV and Celine
    Emporium: LV
  3. I'll add that the "stores" are actually shopping complexes, Gaysorn below,

  4. Balenciaga is more expensive in BKK than Singapore, when I checked the last time I was there earlier this year. I think at least S$500 more for a Mini Pompon, for example.
  5. Thank you for all the Infos ;)
  6. There's a new LV boutique now just open at Siam Paragn.