Shopping in Atlanta

Apr 25, 2006
I am in the market for my first fur/Mink Coat.
Can any of you recommend a place to purchase my first fur in Atlanta area. I am open to driving in the state.

I stopped at Macy's yesterday and I was not happy with what was offered.
Dec 29, 2005
Macy's occasionally stock some fabulous furs but they are pretty hit and miss I think. I prefer Neimans or Saks to be honest although I have actually never been to Atlanta itself.

I found this site for you but I cannot vouch for their reputation, etc.

Are you set on mink? A good choice I think for a first fur actually.


Gimme Gimme Gimme
Dec 2, 2008

I would also check high high end designer boutiques lik the Armani or if there is a Dior boutique in Buckhead. Both designers have made fur coats before, and I think Gucci as well. ATL has apparel/accessories boutiques which is nice... I don't see what apparel/outerwear makes it to the racks very often to be honest, since most of the Chicago boutiques are pretty limited in comparison. GL!!!


Out Shopping
Sep 10, 2010
Sunny Florida
An internet search on 'furrier Georgia' yields several results. However, some may no longer be in business. Macy's would not be my first thought for fine furs, despite the Chicago store having a whole section dedicated to furs. Do Macy's, NM, Sak's, Dior, Armani, etc. offer fur service, send the items out for service to a furrier, or do they offer in-house service?

I think it depends on how much you are willing to spend to get exactly what you want and what kind of service you think you will need in the future.

Thus, I suggest visiting several custom furriers and/or boutiques in person in order to compare their quality, customer service, and offered care services before committing to buy.

A custom furrier is the ultimate way to go when purchasing fine furs: not only will the item be custom fit to your body and designed specifically the way you would like it, and your name should be embroidered into the lining. They usually offer full service care and repair also. Some offer their customers fine fur consignment too.


Jun 2, 2008
I dont know if Henig Furs has a store in Atlanta, but they are in Alabama.
VERY reputable.
They used to have a boutique inside the Mall of GA Belk store but it has closed. I think they may still have a boutique at the Phipps Plaza Belk store. I received a postcard from them over the summer.


Apr 11, 2008
I recall fur coats at the Lenox Bloomingdale's last year that were lovely. I'd check Neimans and Saks.

Never been... but I've passed "York Furs" on Peachtree so many times. Maybe it's an option?