Shopping in another city, what do you do?

  1. If you are on vacation and go shopping in another city do you have everything SENT back to your home or do you keep it with you? It just popped into my head because I am saving up so on our Vegas trip I can go on a shopping spree & I have a pretty un-modest wishlist, trust me. :graucho: So, is it just safer to have everything sent, or is that a waste of money? Does Gucci, LV, etc... charge you an arm and a leg to ship back home? I would be sort of worried to leave the goodies in our hotel room but I would HATE to part with something that I just just bought. Half of the fun is checking everything out right after you buy, right?

    What do ya think? :confused1:

    Thanks! :smile:
  2. Different things to consider. I wouldn't buy something nice if I had to pack it in a checked suitcase. If we're driving, I might take it with me. Even when driving, I often have things shipped. I've only paid about $15 to ship. One example of when it saves money to ship is if the store you're buying from does not have a store in your home state. You won't pay sales tax if it's shipped to your home, and the shipping is probably less than the sales tax would be. (example: I buy BV in the chicago shop where sales tax is 9%, but shipping is $15 and NC has no BV stores, so I pay no IL or NC sales tax--it's worth waiting for the shipment)
  3. Most places ship free if you spend over a certain amount. Sales tax here in Vegas is 7.875%
  4. i'm from SF so no, not even if the shipping is free, unless i buy a load of stuff.

    because i usually carry empty suitcases with me when i travel ;)

    and the tax will be applied to where the destination is, not where it's purchased.

    and for anything that is remotely expensive as the brands you name, i rather try to limit it and carry it in my carryall. if there's anything bigger or more, i would ship and insure it, hellvalot better then letting those greedy airport workers get their hands into it! locks are not that hard to matter how expensive.
  5. Thank you for info guys. Usually when I go I pack stuff in my carryon and keep it with me on the way home but but I am thinkin it might be easier/safer to ship. I had no idea about the tax thing, being applied to where it's being sent.. not where it is purchased. I live in NJ, is it sad that I don't even know what the tax is. haha.
  6. The tax here in NJ is 7%, but the sad thing is when you get things shipped, you can't really take advantage of the no tax thing because NJ has a good amount of Gucci, LV, Dior, Fendi, etc. stores. Boo :sad:

    Have fun though! I am going to Vegas in March and since I'm not 21, it's just a big old shopping trip for me :smile:
  7. If I go vegas, where I know I will be doing some serious shopping, I pack very light and take an empty bag :smile:
  8. I ship if items are over $1K and taxes are lower than my home state. Usually stores have been cool about shipping free or usually charge under $20, so well worth it. I don't have to worry about crushing it in luggage or losing my luggage. It's fully insured when they ship.
  9. i always pack light for my stuff and bring an empty luggage to store all my shopping goodies. most of the time i know what i will be buying so i can estimate the amount of space i will need.:idea:
  10. I would probably ship my things home since I'm not crazy about security touching and probably damaging anything expensive. They're very rude and obnoxious nowadays.
  11. Most stores will ship free. But I like to use all my new stuff. I never ship. If you charge it your credit card wuld cover the loss. I even left a pair of Chanel glasses on the bar when drunk and Amex replaced them. Don't worry have fun!
  12. Gotta love amex....I dove into a pool with a new watch (same reason:shame: ) and amex covered it! Way cool!
  13. unless i buy something huge and heavy i don't ship it, i'm more likely to get something through customs without charges than ups are!