Shopping in a LV store...

  1. Hello!

    I will soon be buying my first LV item for my upcoming birthday. (Fell in love with it recently:smile: ) The problem is, I've never been to a LV store before, or any such elegant store for that matter (alone), so I have questions for you experienced people. :s

    1. How tight is security? Did any of you get refused entrance?
    2. Will they serve you no matter what, or is there an unwritten dress-code? (Are jeans & t-shirt a problem?)
    3. How embarassing is it to pay in cash?
    4. Will the sales people be polite if someone does not look all that rich?

    (I am aware my questions probably sound ridicolous, but keep in mind that LV is the first everywhere-known name of that standing to open a store in my country (Hungary), so it isn't an everyday occurence to deal with this...)

    Thanks a lot!
  2. security isnt so tight that they wont let you in and wear what ever you feel comfortable in. theres no dress code. dont worry about paying in cash they want your money however it comes. just relax and have fun. and dont be intimidated by the SAs, they are just working in a shop after all.
  3. Hi! hmm I'll try to answer from my own experience :smile:

    1. I've never seen them refuse entry to anyone..

    2. Snobby sales people might not give you the time of day if you're not dressed up.. but nice ones won't care what you wear.. I've gone in with old jeans and sneakers (right after lab!!) and been served well.

    3. I don't think it's embarassing to pay in cash, sometimes they are a bit surprised but they do not make you feel bad.. money is money! :yes:

    4. Same as #2..

    Enjoy your first purchase!! :nuts:
  4. Oh, have a wonderful experience & remember, no matter where you shop, you are there spending your money so even if you're in jeans & flip-flops, as I often am on weekends, you are to be treated respectfully.
  5. Have fun picking up your bag!

    I live in Hawaii and our LV stores cater to rich tourists. I never go in the store dressed up. Prior to having a regular sales associate it would take awhile for someone to catch my eye. Don't feel intimidated by all of it.

    Also, to be honest, I think it is pretty darn cool that you can by an LV with cash!

    Have fun and good luck!
  6. 1. How tight is security? Did any of you get refused entrance?
    In my local boutique, the security dude is sooooooooooooo friendly! Everytime I go, he always smiles and nods at me. I like him, cool guy and I've never seen him refuse anyone:yes: Oh I just remembered that once he was looking at a lady funny because she was a bit 'snoopy' near the corner area in our boutique where no one can see her. So he went over to check her out, but nothing serious happened

    2. Will they serve you no matter what, or is there an unwritten dress-code? (Are jeans & t-shirt a problem?)
    Wear whatever's comfy for you. I've gone to LV dressed in fur and sweatpants, no biggie.

    3. How embarassing is it to pay in cash?
    Why is it embarassing?:confused1: ... some people who buy using CC really can't afford LV and take months to pay off the debt, so just because you use CC doesn't mean you're wealthy. I usually do a mix of about 60% cash and the rest on CC because I HATE cash lol, so i dump my bills to LV instead of going to the bank LOL! Then for major purchases, I pay all by cash.

    4. Will the sales people be polite if someone does not look all that rich?
    umm... most SAs are very polite, but there are some people who descriminate (and yes, my SA judges a LOT too LOL but at least she tells me the truth of what she thinks about me and other customers (eg. She'd tell me that my clothes are wrong with the bag or my pale asian skincolour doesn't go with black MC...etc) and in this sense, although some people would be offended, I appreciate her honesty. I despise some hypocritic people who pretend to be all nice by flattering you in every way and yet think in a really judgmental way.) All in all, you gotta 'shop' for SAs. Some may not match your personality, and that's perfectly fine, just move on to the next SA:yes:

    Have fun!
  7. I think all of your questions are great and I am glad you shared them with us! First of all you should just be really excited about your first trip to an LV store. I agree with Cecilia, paying cash is not a problem. Also yes some SA's may be stand-offish, but don't let that reflect on you. Rather it is their issue, remember you are the one shopping there, and I don't usually take that attitude, but if they treat me like I do not belong there it upsets me and I just remind myself that it doesn't really matter what they think. There are plently of really great SA's it is just a matter of finding one you get along with and then you can build a great realtionship where they can advise you on major purchases with honesty. As far as security, the guard at my boutique is very relaxed and always smiles at me when I come in so don't worry about that. Have a wonderful time and be sure to let us know how it goes!
  8. No need to be worried ;) Most SA's are nice and sometimes I look like I just got out of bed when I go there! haha I pay in cash sometimes and it's not embarrasing and there's no security at the one I go to.
  9. answers to ur questions:
    1. I never see security wouldnt let anyone in to the store
    2. everytime i went to the store with jeans and t-shirt ..there are many sales that can approaching me (but I know most of the sales there so I guess thats why...if they sales dont approach u..just go grab them and ask them to serve u!!!)
    3. paying in cash is allright...I have paid cash with serveral purchases!!
    4.No...most of the sales are pretty polite ..I have heard those sales in Paris and Italy are pretty mean!!
  10. Ehh... no need to worry... just go on in there and have fun looking at the bags.

    I most of the time pay with cash. Like others have stated, there's nothing wrong with paying with cash... it's still a form of payment. And if it's "embarrassing", so what? Why should you care what others think of you? ;)
  11. how fun! your first LV boutique experience. i'll answer your questions and add some things here and there.

    1. How tight is security? Did any of you get refused entrance?
    - not tight at all. of course you don't want to be acting suspicious in the store lol.

    2. Will they serve you no matter what, or is there an unwritten dress-code? (Are jeans & t-shirt a problem?)
    - i guess this would all depend on your culture. i live in hawaii so its a common occurrance to see people wearing flip flops, t-shirts, and shorts into high end stores. i try to dress how i normally would when i go and do other kinds of shopping since that would be the typical outift i'd carry the bag with.

    3. How embarassing is it to pay in cash?
    - not embarassing at all! i use my cc since its an airline cc. i like racking up miles!!

    4. Will the sales people be polite if someone does not look all that rich?
    - this can be a hit or miss. there are several threads in here about customers having bad experiences. but don't let that discourage you. if the first SA you encounter doesn't treat you well, just move on to the next. you want to find one that suits your shopping needs and one that you can foster a good relationship with (so they'll remember your preferences).

    i just found a new SA at my local boutique (up til now i purchased off island) and she's very helpful, honest (will tell me if bag doesn't suit me), and not pushy at all. to me that's a perfect SA.

    good luck and have fun! :smile:
  12. Welcome to the forum. I hope you have a great time:heart: My partner always states it is just a shop and they will happily take your cash;) Don't forget to post photos of your purchase:yahoo:
  13. I was really nervous about buying my first LV too. I often walked by the counter looking in the glass case to see if I liked anything but I always walked just fast enough so that the SA didn't have a chance to ask me if I needed any help. :noggin: Finally, when I was 6 months pregnant I decided to talk to an SA. She was soooooooo helpful and non judgemental. I was a blimp in cordaroy overalls and she treated me so sweetly. She brought out several bags for me to see the style and then brought out the catalogue and helped me pick something out. I learned that you don't have to be nervous about going into high end stores. The SA is there to help you so have fun getting your present! :smile: