Shopping Haul of the day! *pics*

  1. Wow its my before last day in Boca Raton on vacation so I went shopping with my mom! Heres some pics, I got a new pair of SFAM jeans, some A&F stuff, a AX shirt, a pair of steve madden flats, and a juicy charm:p
    Shoppingfl1.JPG Shoppingfl2.JPG Shoppingfl5.JPG Shoppingfl7.JPG
  2. too cute!
    love them shoes :biggrin:
  3. great haul! I loveeee the Steve Madden flats!
  4. Nice! Love the flats!
  5. Love the flats & the SFAM jeans,they are Flyn's I believe, great detail on them
  6. Great picks...I love the jeans
  7. I love the flats. They're very cute.
  8. Love the shoes :heart: great haul!!
  9. Thanks guys, youre all so sweet:smile:!
  10. Congrats on your haul- Love the SMs!
  11. Great haul, congrats!
  12. Thanks everyone, the flats and the jeans are my favorites too! But I was sooo happy to be in the US to go to A&F because I used to live here and I moved to Montreal and theres no A&F here!
  13. Congratulations! I like the black t-shirt!

    There is just nothing like coming home with a big bag o' New Clothes! Have fun modeling them and introducing them to their new closetmates!