Shopping Hangover! My 2nd LV & ......

  1. Finally.....after waiting 2 weeks for PSN(private shopping night) @ Holt in Calgary, I got to bring home these......

    I'm not trying to tease you guys.....well, maybe for a little bit.:graucho: Just until I upload the pics from my cam to this thread.

    My BF thought it would be cute if he could take a pic of me with all the bags -- he said, "You mind as well have a pic for keepsake -- it'll be a while until next time" But ladies....half of them are his! He was a gent for carrying them all nite....but I'm sure it was no bother as people looked and :drool: as he walked by...:yes:
    psn4.jpg my LV 002.jpg my LV 003.jpg
  2. Whats in the bags!!! :nuts:
  3. so many
  4. yay cant wait for pics. hope you had great fun :heart:
  5. Oh my GA!!!
  6. Holy cow you bought so much!
  7. Can't wait to see the pics :nuts: So many bags!
  8. congrats! wow so many things...can't wait for pics too!
  9. oooh what's in the boxes!!??
  10. I love seeing boxes!! =) Congrats! Can't wait to see what's inside!!
  11. :nuts: Wow all the boxes...big and small and different shape as well..can't wait!!!!;)
  12. hmmm I can't guess what in the boxes..congrats!!! I bet you had a blast!
  13. :amazed: can't wait to see what's in there
  14. do I really need to watermark these pics?:confused1:
  15. please post the pictures already! the suspense is killing me! :nuts: lol.
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