Shopping from Houston Store from Singapore

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  1. OMG!!!! :drool: I chit-chat a bit with him through email, bought a bag from him 3 weeks ago and will order more from him. I know his ancestors are Chinese in origin (father's side), but he's vietnamese he said. I MUST GO TO HOUSTON ONE DAY AND VISIT HIM!! Hahahahahaha!:graucho:
  2. a lot of you know my mobile and work number.. do not hesitate to call me any time of day or night.. well within reason, ok? i do have to sleep sometimes. :nuts:
    sorry i cannot post contact details on here, but thank you for those that have
    come to me and allowed me to be helpful.
  3. Hi Kiet, may i know if the Black metallic reissue large size with black hardware is still available? USD 2850 + USD80(FEDEX) ?

    How about the large black caviar flap bag in silver hardware?
  4. I ordered 2 Chanel bags from Kiet a few days ago. I just sent him my cc info and delivery address via e-mail. He's so helpful. :tup:
    I am on the list for the cruise red caviar jumbo.Call Kiet or email him to pre-order .
  5. Haha Kiet you have a faithful fan club here!!! :smile: Perhaps you are also a reason for the increase in tourist numbers to Houston. :P
  6. Do we get the US tax rebate back? Thanks :smile:.
  7. Hi Kiet, Thanks for so being so helpful and prompt in replying my email.
  8. Absolutely agree :tup: He has been nothing but great and patience and his knowledge of Chanel is fantastic!!!!!

  9. It is not safe to send your cc info via email. The risk is not with the SA but it is very easy for the info sent via email to be intercepted and seen by others on the internet. Email is not a safe mode of communication so it is best not to send sentivity info via email.
  10. Yeah, great to hear about such a wonderful SA. Thanks for sharing, everyone!
  11. Kiet is a member? :woot: Didn't realise you had a fan club!


    I agree with all the others, you are extremely helpful and I appreciate your work in finding me those boots for my big feet :yahoo: - can't wait to receive them.

    For others info - I sent my card details in 3 separate emails as the time difference is too tricky (for that read - DH would be around while I was phoning... ;) )
  12. Has the Houston store been affected by hurricane Ike?
    I wonder if it's a good time to place an order through Kiet. :smile:
  13. I have been expecting an email from Kiet for a few days now - but heard nothing. Seeing the hurricane on the news today, I should leave it for a while. Houston doesn't look good. :sad:

    Hope everyone there is OK
  14. Oh dear! I hope everyone's okay!