Shopping from Houston Store from Singapore

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  1. what are you getting?
  2. Where can I find him? Which store is he working? And can u tell me his contact number?
  3. I had ordered 2 Chanel bags from Kiet before, he is such a helpful and trustworthy SA. I just sent him my cc info and delivery address via e-mail, so far no problems at all!
  4. girls, you know what, kiet is not only a sweetheart over the phone, he is also really good looking guy in person :heart:
  5. I never met him before as I only ordered my bags via e-mail and phone. How old does he look like? Just nosy... :P

  6. he is a tall, good looking Asian, clean cut, with great features !:heart:

  7. Kiet is great. I'm lucky I get to visit with him in person. He will always work hard to take of you.:tup:
  8. where is he working? can someone provide me with his email address or contact number? thanks.
  9. lol... can someone post a pic of Kiet ...haha
  10. i've ordered with kiet before and he is a real sweetheart. we did everything through email with no problems at all.
  11. Kiet works at the Houston Chanel boutique.
  12. I just met him today by accident, bought a Camellia brooch and sandals. He is a total hottie :sweatdrop: and he mentioned the forum. He showed me a classic lambskin 2.55 in Black and also in Mauve, it was so lovely but I think my Mum has the Black already. I'm here in Houston on holiday and I live in SG.
  13. out of interest, how much cheaper is it for him to help us ship in than buying straight from taka boutique?

    Reissue large size selling $4950 in takashimaya. If we are to give him our cc numbers and shipping address (including the 7% tax) it still worthwhile?
  14. i'm in singapore too :smile:
  15. the 227 reissue costs USD2850, shipping was USD80 by Fedex. you do the maths ;)