Shopping from Houston Store from Singapore

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  1. Allo All,

    I am placing an order with your well-loved SA Kiet Chu for two necklaces, sight unseen. He has been nothing but a sweetheart so far and I am happy to find such a nice Chanel SA compared to the snobs I have here in Singapore.

    I am a bit nervy though bout revealing my shipping address and credit card info as the information might leak out since I am putting it down through email.

    Has anyone been through the same situation as me, ordering thru Kiet via email and shipping overseas?

    Let me know, thanks! :smile:
  2. Never send your CC info via email, fax it to him!!!
  3. i just ordered from kiet too!

    you can ask him to give you a call and give him your credit card details over the phone, while you email him your address. the time difference is 13 hours.
  4. Hi duckiee,

    Which country did you ask him to ship to? I shall do exactly as you mentioned! :smile:
  5. Just wanted to chip in and say that Kiet is absolutely trustworthy.. I've dealt with him a couple of times, as do my friends who bought from him and got the bags shipped to Singapore, and we are all very satisfied customers! :smile: Thumbs up!!
  6. Yep definitely, I trust him and I haven even bought from him! :P

    Do you get him to call you for your CC information or do you email it to him while ordering?
  7. I've bought from him before. I'm from Australia, he's wonderful, no problems at all.
    I rather call him than send information via email.
  8. I have not bought anything from Kiet yet, but when I deal with other SAs via emails, I'll send my CC info in 2 seperate emails, i am not sure if that makes any difference but it makes me feel better.
  9. oh my god! is it cheaper?
  10. Buying from US and Europe is always cheaper than buying in Singapore.
  11. so we can actually ask this kiet guy to ship chanel from the US to singapore??


    yah..i agree the SA in singapore are abit unfriendly..but there is this malay/indonesian SA who is really kind.
  12. ^ Theoretically speaking yes, if you are in Singapore, I think you need to pay the 7%tax when the package comes in.
  13. zhi...Is that Zurina? She's lovely! And the 7% is quite a killer..I think it makes more sense to order from Paris as compared to the US now..
  14. Aurora: I dont know her name...but she can speak Indo..heard her talking to some indo chinese ladies.

    Pay another 7%? Hmm..well..if it is still cheaper than buying in singapore, i think it is a better option.

    hahahaa...singapore prices are ridiculous (in my opinion).
  15. I am only ordering the item because it is OOS in Singapore. If not I would rather buy in-store and suffer through the obnoxious SAs' attitudes. :shame: