Shopping for Purses in Italy

  1. Hi,

    I'm new to collecting. I'm going to Italy in May. Should I look for handbags? Are they any cheaper there? Favorites are Fendi, D & G, and Gucci.
  2. Hi,

    I love Italy. What part are you going to?

    I also live in the San Diego area.
  3. generally european brands are cheaper here than in the US. plus tax is already added on to the price. look out for italian brands like prada, gucci and missoni. and have fun!!
  4. I heard that there are so nice outlets in Florence.
    Will you be going to Florence?

    You are so lucky!!
  5. i heard there are quite a few outlets in florence outskirts!!

    i've never been there, but heard that it's pretty awesome!!!

    good luck and let us know :smile:
  6. Im going to Italy too, at the end of May. I'm staying in Milan and Florence.
  7. i'm going in july and trying to convince my bf that outlets will be fun!
  8. Girls, if you're going to Florence are you can't miss The Mall outlet! I only went once and bought a Burberry for 60% off retail price; you'll also find Gucci, Fendi, Valentino, BV, Tod's outlets. For more infos check this thread
    Maybe you won't find the ITbag, but surely there's a lot of stuff at reduced price.
  9. Thank you maryg1! I couldn't find that thread.
  10. My Fendi stuff was definitely cheaper in Paris than here. Something like the equivalent of $1700. Make sure you get your VAT back!
  11. Ooh nice thread! I'm going to Italy at the beginning of August, I can't wait!