Shopping for pre-loved...... How do you feel about it?

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  1. I've bought several LV bags pre-loved, but now I'm itching for a Cartier LOVE bracelet.
    Yoogis closet, fashionphile, truefacet, malleries, etc.;
    any experiences with buying pre-loved jewelry?
  2. I love pre-loved, but in the antique sense such as a ring from 1910 with European-cut diamonds, a Victorian diamond pendant, etc.

    For pre-loved modern designer jewelry I'd be wary of fakes. Also, I know it makes no sense but it would annoy me if a modern piece was scratched and imperfect, whereas I'd accept it as part of the charm for antiques. Maybe it's because I know I could get a perfect one if I wanted to.
  3. I tend to only buy pre-loved if the option to buy new is unavailable or if it's an amazing deal. It's usually not enough of a price difference to make up for the anxiety of potentially buying a counterfeit.
  4. I purchased 3 Cartier Love bracelets from an estate sale auction so I feel just fine about it. I was able to receive the receipts, box, etc. I took them to Cartier to have them polished with no issues. As long as you can have it authenticated, however I would not purchase these from sites such as eBay. I'm not sure about the aforementioned sites for jewelry...bags, yes!
  5. I love buying estate pieces. With modern branded jewelry, you have to make sure to have the pieces authenticated because of so many fakes on the market. I have no problem with a previously loved piece. In fact, estate jewelry, especially custom pieces, are often much less price wise than buying some thing similar that's new. I also think workmanship is also better as many pieces are hand made instead of manufactured by machine. JMO
  6. I've never purchased preloved designer jewelry, but my tennis bracelet and wedding band were both estate purchases, and we saved a boatload.
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    Know what you are buying. I love pre loved jewellery as it is not always possible to find or afford the equivalent from stores, especially if it were a popular item that is frequently copied.

    If I want something specific from a major jeweller like Tiffany I'll usually buy retail for the buying experience and reassurance.

    Online I'd be very wary unless the source was extremely reputable with very robust return policies.

    There are some online resellers that are very highly thought of here with excellent reviews.

    Good luck on your search!
  8. My david yurman paved sapphire ring was bought preloved from yoogis but it looks brand new. I got too an antique 1940s diamond bypass ring in platinum from etsy. Only my cartier trinity ring was bought from th store because I wanted the experience. i wanted also to buy another brand new ring this time from tiffany but when I go there I noticed how pricey a simple ring is and looks really dainty. i would probably check for the preloved market for an authentic one with thicker gold and reasonable price range. In my opinion its safer to buy diamonds as pre loved because you can check for genuineness with all the diamond testers unlike gem stone where you have to send to the lab and for a fee. If this gemstone ring is worth a huge amount of money than its worthit to pay the fee but if you bought it really cheaply then theres no sense spending to have it to send to the lab. You will just assume it is and it is such a bother thinking if your stone is real or not.
  9. I have purchased pre-loved jewelry from reputable sellers. The jewelry has been cleaned, polished, and often comes with a GIA certificate for the diamonds. I also make sure the seller has a written return policy.
  10. Personally I'd only buy brands that I'm familiar with, so I can be sure that they're authentic. Preloved is great as it means I get more jewellery for the money :biggrin:

  11. How do you ensure the pieces are authentic (sorry if it's a silly question - but I have never bought second hand anything before)..

  12. They were purchased from the same jewelry shop my family has been shopping at since the 70s! My moms wedding set from her first marriage is from there [emoji171][emoji171]! So i trust the store completely, but both pieces were appraised for insurance purposes.
  13. I bought my cartier love pre-owned from a reputable seller on Ebay named "austinsec"- It came with box, papers, everything. I had it sent to Cartier for engraving and I know it's authentic or they would not have engraved it- check him out- he sells many, many loves on Ebay. I bought it last year for about $5000,00. It's also the old screw system which I really wanted.
  14. Good post and I agree with you.
    I buy a mix of all ages and types and I do believe that plenty of reading and research is important, and I think i'd practice on lower priced items first because online buying of preloved and antique can be a gamble to novices at it, and it's better to cut your teeth on lower priced goods for financial and emotional reasons !
  15. I would not risk on buying from ebay but i did buy diamond ear-rings and ring from jeweller, he took stones from pre-owned items and reset in new setting, so i think of tjem as new :smile: i think i will not buy from shops any more but from him as i paid exactly half of shop prices.
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