Shopping for prada in europe

  1. HI everyone!
    My friend will be heading to Europe in the next couple of weeks.
    He's willing to get me a prada bag in Europe, I was wondering which European country has the best value when it comes to purchasing a prada saffiano lux bowler bag??
    Italy, Spain, Paris,Florence or London??

    Please helps ☺
    Thank you!
  2. Prada in Italy is cheaper than anywhere else in the world, check out Prada site.
    I can recommend their stores in Milan and Rome.
  3. How much would soffiano tote cost in Italy?
  4. Prices have increased recently:nogood:
    Last month 1786 was 1290 euros and 1802 was 1350euros.
    Now 1786 is 1350 euros and 1802 is 1450 euros.
  5. just got back from europe (paris/milan/florence/rome/london).
    if you are looking for most selection or classic styles, go to milan, the original prada shop. I got a bag which is a test model and no other store sells it~!
    if you are looking for good deal, go to prada outlet in florence, Super good price!!!!!
  6. That's for the advice.
    I want to get the saffiano lux bowler bag I'm not sure what's the style no for it.
    It's about $1600+ aud from SAK


    They will stop by Rome so I might ask him to get it there.
    Would this style be available at the outlet?
  7. Hi, no they don't have any saffiano in the outlet... They are having a sale in Rome now, but saffiano has no discount. Btw, make sure your friend do the VAT refund, you will get 12% back.
  8. Prada in Italy will be cheaper than London.
    The Euro is at a great exchange rate at the moment.
  9. If you buy a bag in Europe you can claim the VAT back, when you fly out of your final European country. Works out roughly 10% or so. At the store, ask for the special tax refund receipt.
  10. pls check out the prices in prada website. i remember checking last march and the price in spain is cheaper than even italy. i dont know now after the price increase
  11. Thanks everyone for your help.
    I actually bought a miu miu bag instead on my theresa 😊 considering the euro are so good right now ! Ehhehehe
  12. i also have a euro price related question. does the price in store the same as what's shown on the Prada E-store website? for example, i'm looking to get a BN1801 which is currently 1190 euros (when you choose Italy or Spain as your country) - will it be sold at this price in store in Italy or Spain or will it be cheaper? thank you! :smile:
  13. I recently checked out the price of a BN1786 (in Paris) and it was the same as on the website.
  14. I have a friend who's heading to Paris next month too, and she'll be helping me get a BN1786. I am lusting for it in burgundy, but it's currently out of stock on the website.

    Does anyone know if this means it's out of stock in the boutiques as well?
  15. Online shop and boutiques have independent stocks.