Shopping for new vernis color on New Year,but disappointed!


Dec 14, 2008
Happy New Year! I went shopping this morning at Manhatten,but went home with nothing!
I wanted a New Vernis Pochette for the New Year and my coming birthday! I went to LV at Bloomingdales on 59th st. I was the first one to go into the store and was excited to see the new vernis color-- rose indien,but felt very disappointed when I saw it--- No SHimmer!And very light embossment and looked like plastic! Then I thought I could have one in amarante! But the one in store has the worst embossment ! I was asking for take a look at another one. But the SA serving me insist that it is the only one at their store! I couldn't believe it! So I went to the flagship store on 5th Ave. The first Japanese SA was not nice, she told me they didn't have any pommy and amarante at all, only the rose indien. Well, I knew she told a lie! So I walked around and asked another SA to look for me! She found two Amarante pochette....but the first one had a scratch! The second one also had the embossment issue! So I was not happy about their service and lost of my interesting in getting anything there!
Well, it was not a happy morning! I was thinking to get one during the whole holidays!
One more thing, the rose indien is a fingerprint collector!


Oct 27, 2012
Wow...sorry you had such a bad experience. I hope you have a happy birthday anyway!!


Mom of three boys
Dec 29, 2012
Dallas, Tx
Happy B-Day!:party: . I know what your going through, so sorry.
I hope your find something else to put a smile on your face.


Aug 15, 2009
Happy birthday. Sorry about the rude S.A. I didn't know store s were even open today.