Shopping for new H wallet advice - please help!

  1. i'm now in the hunt for a new wallet. my lv french wallet is on its last leg. what do you recommend? i already own a bearn - that i absolutely adore. but i need a shorter version. yes, i need two types of wallets. call me funny. the only style that i've seen so far reminded me of the bearn except it had an H on either side. love the classy design, but my only reservation is that the hardware may be too delicate for everyday use. i'm just careful w/ my bearn & it's remained unscathed despite using it vigorously. are there any more styles? p.s. please provide pics if possible. tia! and i know some may find it crazy to spend this much on a wallet but theirs seem to last forever... just like their handbags.
  2. dogon and azap....... I have the dogon.. so here is the pic...
    h dogon01.JPG h dogon02.JPG
  3. HL Orchids and 24 each have an Azap and it's fantastic! A nice alternative to the Bern, IMO. Although I love the Dogon too, I like the zip around of the Azap.....I really think it might be my next wallet purchase later in the year.......
  4. ^ thanks, D but i'm looking for something more compact. plus i've finally concluded that i'm hopelessly in love with the bearn styles.

    so now it's between this:
    (A) compact bearn AND clarisse pouch


    (B) not so compact bearn - the version w/ the two Hs.
  5. HL - 24 has that WONDERFUL little AZAP in Rose Shocking's the compact one, not the long one...
  6. ^ just PMed you. does anyone have the link to the Azap compact? tia!:girlsigh:
  7. oh i would like to see that...
  8. Orchids has the same one and just posted a link in the other wallet question thread...I have my eye on that too!!! It's smaller than the azap...
  9. HL, here's a picture of the interior of the pocket Azap per your request--I also did a side by side next to a regular-size Bearn and a full-sized Dogon. One thing about the compact Dogon vs. the compact Bearn is that with the compact Dogon, you will have to fold up your bills since there's no billfold, unlike the compact Bearn which has a billfold running across the top--like the pocket Azap. The pocket Azap doesn't hold much--just 4 slots on the left and two additional running lengthwise on the left and one more on the right. Throw in a few coins and that thing is pretty much full. Doesn't bother me since I hardly use cash and keep my coins and other insurance/bonus cards in the CC holder. HTH!
    CIMG2148.jpg CIMG2147.jpg
  10. ^ oh you are just the best! thank you, thank you.

    thanks to you, perja, 24, grand fonds, and basically anyone else i forgot but bugged, i now KNOW which accessories to get. :p

  11. No prob! Let us know what you decide on!
  12. But of course, Madam - and I'll post pictures of course.. Been so bad about that lately... Still owe one for my Sapphire Dogon Chevre Key Holder.
  13. Orchids, thanks for the great photos! Sorry to be repetitive, but which wallet(s) do you use most and like best?
  14. orchids, you have the prettiest accessories!
  15. I love the colors,....