Shopping for my wife

  1. Hello,

    My wife's birthday is in Sept. and like so many people I started shoping around for a handbag for her as a present on the web. Needless to say I have been a bit overwhelmed by the many styles, prices designers and authenticity issues.

    Fortunately I found this site and was hoping for a little guidance.

    My wife is originally from Taipei and as you would guess has been a bit jaded by the ton of fake merchandise available in Asia. It seems that her relatives are always bringing her back some knock off or fake from Taipei or Hong Kong as a gift.

    So this year I want to surprise her with an authentic bag she can carry with pride.

    I have narrowed down the list of designers to Prada, Coach and Gucci as these are labels she admires.

    I was hoping for some advise on where I can look in the Houston area or on-line for authentic merchandise from those three designers.

    Any help you can offer would be appreciated.

    Thank you.
  2. Awe you are too sweet! Good luck with your quest!
  3. sells prada and gucci. I would wait for one more month though.. so you can see the complete fall/winter collection. Good luck!
  4. :yes: Def wait a month or so for the fall bags. Also sells gucci and prada. Then there is always You are such a sweet hubby! Maybe you could give mine a few pointers??;)
  5. aw.. i'm so touched too! (even though I'm not your wife haha)

    anyways.. check out
  6. Yep, the ones stated above. I highly recommend Neiman Marcus & Saks. I love those hehe. Or if you can go to a boutique, that would be the best.

    For a list of fakes and real websites, look at my siggy. I have a super long list.
  7. Luclin999,

    You are a very thoughtful and sweet husband! Your wife is lucky!

    Please don't take the suggestion I'm about to make the wrong way, but since you're a man, and I presume you don't have a huge experience with handbags (sorry if you do - I'm making that assumption based on average male stats!) I think it would be wiser if you could look around the Houston area for an actual Prada/Coach/Gucci boutique or department store that sells these labels, rather than look online.
    With us women, it's easier to shop online, due to accumulated hadbag experience :biggrin: but in your case, I think it's important that you actually see what you're about to buy, so as to have a better idea of the colour/leather/bag dimensions etc.

    Again, I'm sorry if you are already an experienced handbag buyer, my post is useless in that case, just ignore it...
  8. ooh, my bday is in sept as well, how i wish you're my bf in disguise hahaha.. i would suggest to have her choose in a month later or you can choose one now from the sales! Saks and nm still has some on sale :smile:
  9. What a lucky wife! You and my boyfriend need to hang out until he gets your mentality, lol.

    But yeah, like goodmornin stated above:


    Stay away from eBay!! We have an Authenticate This forum in case you resort to eBay but even then its hard to tell and we could get it wrong.
  10. Luclin999:
    You'd do better to actually go to the store (Saks, Neimans, Coach store) so that you can see the bags in person and be certain of authenticity. The salespeople at Saks and Neimans are always helpful and probably will have some great suggestions if you describe what you have in mind. The salespeople at Coach are sometimes a little overbearing but they will have good suggestions.
  11. Out of Prada, Gucci, and Coach, I suggest Prada or Gucci. Throw in a pair of gorgeous shoes too! Good luck!
  12. I personally like #2.. black goes with everything so she can carry it all the time :smile:

    And wow what a lucky lady to have such a thoughtful husband!!
  13. Oh wow, the black is a great go w/ anything color. I also like the red b/c it stands out a bit more but it would depend on her taste and personality.
  14. what a sweetheart! she is very lucky!