Shopping for my first Hermes bag~ help appreciated!

Nov 29, 2008
Hi there ladies~

Well my mother and I are going to France/Italy for vacation this summer and indulge in a shopping spree. I'm so excited that I'm planning already for what to buy XD I do plan on buying my first Hermes bag at that time and the bag that interests me most is a tricolor Kelly ostrich- not sure what colors I want though I saw a bag on this forum a long while ago that was pink/purple-ish/?

I'm a Hermes newbie so don't know the exact colors (only Hermes I have is a watch- hs graduation gift!) >_< Is there somewhere that I can see all the colors that Hermes has available? Also I noticed there were different types of hardware available- palladium, silver etc. Does this make a difference? Which type of hardware is the best and does it have a substantial effect on the cost? Is the Kelly a good choice for a first bag? I think that the Birkin is more popular (?) but the only birkins I like are the croc ones and I'm definitely not ready to spend that much on a bag yet lol. I'm expecting to pay about $20k for the bag, is that right or does it cost a lot more :wtf:

Also, since tricolor ostrich is rarer(?) would I have to wait a year+ for it? I'm not sure how Hermes works ^^; Thanks for your patience with a newbie!


The Orange Wiggle
Oct 13, 2006
The reference boo gave you above should give you a lot of info regarding hardware, colours, skins etc.

Prices aren't much different for different hardware and colour, I think it's actually the same, but varies for skin. Any Hermes is a good choice for a first bag! Kelly would be the perfect one, if you like the formal look of it, whereas Birkin is slightly more casual! $20k is enough for an Ostrich Kelly I suppose. It's more of whether you will bump into one in the stores, as I think Ostrich bags are not that common on shelf, let alone tri-color ones..

Good luck with your bag search!!! And don't forget if you score anything, do a reveal back here for all of us ;)


Sep 16, 2007
The reference library is fantastic!Stick around the forum & you'll be always learning something new.Also visit your local H store to see the items up close to help you in deciding.Good luck!