Shopping for Maternity clothes

  1. Hello,

    I often check this site and occasionally post as I love shopping online...typically for clothes. I am now about 4 months pregnant and wondered if anyone knew of any good websites that sold maternity clothes? I know Bluefly has a few things, but haven't seen much on their site...
    Any sites would be much appreciated. If anyone has discount codes for any of them, that would be even better!!

  2. Hello,

    I often check this site and occasionally post as I love shopping online...mostly for clothes. I am now 4 months pregnant, though, and am having trouble finding sites that sell maternity clothes. Does anybody know of any?

    If anybody could post any websites they know of (and discount codes if you have them), I would really appreciate it. I know Bluefly sells some maternity clothes, but they really don't have much....

  3. I'll move this to the Wardrobe, our clothing Forum:yes:

    Good luck and congrats!
  4. I don't like to spend a ton of money on maternity clothes and just lived in the "basics" for most of the 2nd and 3rd trimester. Also my company has a very relaxed dress code so I wore a lot of tees and capris to work. I like, and I agree that Motherhood Maternity has reasonable prices for clothes too.

    Oh and CONGRATULATIONS on your pregnancy!!
  5. you can check out has great maternity clothes, but a bit pricey. I personnally like to shop at Gap maternity, not too pricey, has reasonable price. HTH
  6. Old Navy has really great maternity clothes~
  7. When I was pregnant, I shopped from Oldnavy, gap and H&M. All affordable maternity wear. Motherhood prices aren't too bad either. And if you live in NYC, there are maternity sample sales as well. Hope that helps!
  8. Congratulations on your pregnancy! :flowers: During both my pregnancy, I had trouble finding "trendy" maternity clothes. So what I did was I bought a size or two bigger of non-maternity clothes, like tunics (they 'grow' with you) and those Juicy-couture type of jogging pants with elastics. I also got away wearing those low-rise jeans.

    At a later stage, I did manage to buy a few maternity clothes but found that my tummy never really grew into 'expanded' tummy area of the clothes (both tops and trousers). However, I could still wear my size bigger clothes after birth since I was still nursing the baby, plus my tummy didn't shrink back the next day - like in Hollywood :shame: It saved me moneyto spend more on the baby's stuff, and I'm still wearing those clothes now.

    But having said that, never compromise on the maternity bras. You'll need them for extra support and to avoid back pains.

    Good-luck and enjoy the pregnancy! :love:
  9. I bought a bunch of stuff from babystyle! They have really cute stuff and if they are having a sale you just can't go wrong. The Gap and Old Navt also has maternity!
  10. u can try japanese weekend. they have good styles
  11. Target carries maternity clothes with really good prices..
    Mimi Maternity carries fashionable maternity clothes which i love too!

  12. Congratulations! Topshop do really good maternity clothes, check them out at
  13. Congrats to you first of all :smile: and here are a few sites. hope this helps :biggrin: has quite a bit you can look through
  14. I just had a baby and had gotten alot of clothes from Maternity Mall Clothes, Maternity Clothing and Maternity Accessories On-Line For all your Maternity and Baby Needs Stylish Maternity Clothing Store, Hip Maternity Fashion - Unbuttoned Contemporary and Due Maternity Clothes - Stylish Maternity Clothing for the Fashionable Mom My sister in law just got some great basics from Old Navy and H&M. Feel good and keep us posted on your progress...