Shopping for make-up at department stores?

  1. Do you do it? Do you like it?

    I never seem to feel comfortable shopping at department stores because some SAs are very aggressive and make me feel very uncomfortable. I like to look at different colors and usually take my time as I don't like returning stuff and some SAs just stand next to you, watch you and repeatedly ask you if you need help...LOL. I know not all of them are like that and some are complete sweethearts and actually wait until you ask for help (after they already offered their help).

    I had some bad experience today. I went to NM and started browsing. I finally found a good make-up bag to carry in my every day bag and wanted to pay for it. The bag was not at anyone's counter but on a little island between counters. So, I take it and just walk over to the first available SA in order to pay for it. She immediately asks me if I want to pay for it and if I'm looking for anything else. I said no, thanks and asked if I could just pay. She then starts telling me how I need to cleanse my skin because it would look so much better and basically puts me in the chair and starts taking off my make-up. I said no quite a few times beforehand but she just wouldn't get it. So, she did her thing on my face and I have to agree that it did look/feel good afterwards but I just don't like being "attacked" like that. I used to work in retail and I know how important it is to ask customers if they need help and offer different products. But I said no quite a few times and she should have understood and just let me pay for my friggin' make-up bag!

    Thanks for letting me vent.

    Anyone has any experiences with good/bad make-up counter SAs? Please share!
  2. I've only had good experiences in makeup department stores but i do know what you mean. I started buying all my makeup from the Internet and from Sephora's website. I can't buy my foundation this way, because I usually need the help of an SA to help me pick out the right shade but I just find it a lot easier buy makeup from Sephora's website. And they always send it in either a pouch or a very pretty box. :smile:
  3. OMG i know what you mean...i think thats how they are trained...i mean i go in for ONE thing and leave with like so much more stuff that i didnt come in there for....i think just be aggressive back if you really dont want to try anything and they will definately get the point =) it's hard though because i like to see all the new things but i hate it when every SA has to say something about my skin like "your clogged" or "you're uneven" SHUT UP no i'm not i think my skin is fine! stop tryin to sell me a $500 cleanser/moisturizer! and then they ask "what do you use? oh thats not good yadda ydadda!!!!!
  4. Gosh, I hate when they try to drag you into the chair. I really don't want a stranger poking at my face when all I came in for was a tube of lipstick. I'm always assertive but polite. I just smile and tell the associates "Thank you so much for offering. I'll be sure to come to you when I have a question." If they're really really aggressive, I just come back later. Sometimes I just wonder if I should stock up on products so I don't have to deal with them so often.
  5. Im on a first name basis with the sales associate at the CHANEL counter in my local department store, (She is never pushy with me and she is very sweet) She knows im very picky and I will tell her what I want, Everything else I just buy at Sephoria.
  6. That's what they want!!! They make so much money with their aggressiveness! I didn't buy anything from that lady during my last trip to NM and I knew she wasn't happy with that. But oh, well...I wasn't looking to buy anything from that counter in the first place!
  7. I have worked in cosmetics, and I can say from personal experience that a lot of times the SA's have to try and be aggressive per their managers and executives of their respective lines. I tried to be as non aggressive as possible, but there were times I would be told to put more people in the chair and sell more items to everyone. That being said, I have had some pretty terrible service in the department store, the Chanel counter NEVER calls me for new things, even when I beg them to. Sephora is always awful, I got attacked by 4 SA's (all with truly hideous make up on).
  8. One word = SEPHORA.

    I too detest pushy SAs. You have to be polite and assertive...just say I don't have time right now to play with other products I just need to purchase x and get going but thank you for your offer. If they don't get that hint I would literally just walk away and not even purchase what I was going to get. I can always get my purchase another way.

    No SA is going to get any sales from me criticizing how clogged/dehydrated I look, LOL. Please.
  9. So sorry that happened to you . I was NEVER like that, maybe that's why I had lot of return customers. Some people are trying to meet their quota and get their commission. For those that it is a full time job for, it's more competition, and they can be a bit more aggressive.....You just have to say NO. But honestly, one of the best ways to learn about makeup, your type and colors is through a makeup counter.
  10. Eeeee- pushed into a chair! That has never happened to me, but I would not be happy. I am very basic w/ makeup and maybe they don't push b/c they see that I am pretty uncomplicated. I don't like when people are rude though- even if they are being "helpful" by saying you need to have cleaner skin, need to use wrinkle cream, ect. It's one thing if you say if have x problem or suggest you need help overall, but to say you "need" it is like walking up to someone and telling them they have pants on that are too tight!
  11. I know what you mean. I am relieved that we can now buy our cosmetics at Sephora and the internet.

    Plus, in the department stores, I think the SAs prefer to only sell their one particular brand. So it always was weird for me b/c I would want a Chanel lipstick, a Lancome mascara, etc.
  12. Something like that happened to me in Ulta one time. Hated it. The SA's must be under pressure to sell, but they'd probably get more long-term customers if they'd dial it down a notch. I hate it when they say things that make me feel like I have the worst skin care or makeup routine ever. That's rude.
  13. Yea, I agree. I believe most of them are just trying to reach thier quota and get commission. They feel if they try the product on you and you like it you will buy it from them.
  14. Sometimes I wish they were more agressive lol! I always buy items but don't receive any customized help at all or any offers to help me. The SAs are USELESS and don't answer questions with good answers either. They are like it might look good on you... Very unsure of themselves.
  15. mmmm I have 2 versions

    for the bad see my thread 'am i the only one?'

    for good, at my local Herbergers (macys like department store, icky clothes but good makeup/perfume department) mum and I know Lancome SA by name, vise versa. no pushing products on us, generous with samples (free brushes sometimes!!), and knows our skin types. I buy some stuff online (sephora, lancome) but most in person