shopping for macbook sleeve/ case any suggestion?

  1. I am shopping for a sleeve case to protect my macbook when I carry it around... I dont want the ordinary black case that everyone is using.. maybe something colorful or unique...

    any suggestion ?
  2. I personally like timbuk2's sleeves. I use an ibook and they used to have customerized sleeves but now, they don't. Acme have some nice colorful ones too. HTH :flowers:
  3. How about contacting one of the sellers on Etsy who customise laptop sleeves?


    Here's an example of a sleeve Saltygal did for one of her customers:

    Custom hedgehog laptop sleeve


    Another example - perching bird print (for a Macbook pro)


    This is available for sale, I think:

    rusty basket weave macbook sleeve


    Made to order morse code laptop sleeve



  4. I've got an InCase sleeve, the one with the shoulder strap. It was inexpensive @ 50 bucks.
  5. do you want the sleeve or the plastic fitted case? i have the clear case but a really good friend has the red case. they have them in different colors too. just pop by the apple store and see what you like.
  6. Cindy, do you mean the speck case? they are so pretty. i like the apple green and hot pink. not sure are they durable..