Shopping for LV in Philly - Need advice please!

  1. Hi there!

    So I've been a Coach addict and more recently caught the bbag bug, but have never been a huge LV fan . . . until recently! I caught the bug . . . badly and I'm blaming my unborn child! See, I'm about 16 days away from my due date and have been having majorly weird pregnancy dreams, as per the regular course of things for me, but the other night I had one about a red vernis bag and woke up completely obsessed with the idea of getting one!

    Luckily for me (and probably unluckily for dh), this Fri. is my 10 year anniversary and while I initially wanted a new wedding band, I'm all puffy, so I'm putting that off and thinking about getting my first LV! I know I really love the vernis line and like the Rosewood Avenue style, but would still love to go somewhere with a decent selection.

    This is where I'm turning to you for help - I know that near me I have 2 choices - KoP for a free standing boutique or Saks in Bala Cynwyd. I've heard mixed reviews on the service at KoP (which can happen with any retailer), but am just wondering if anyone out there knows which of these two stores is better. I've walked by the KoP store several times, but never went in so I don't know how large a selection they have. outwardly it appears to be a pretty big store though.

    Also, any tips for a first time LV buyer would also be appreciated - is there anything I really should know or anything I should avoid? I don't want to make any LV faux pas!

  2. I have purchased from the KoP store in the past and while I know that other tpfers have had good things to say about the store my experience there has not been positive. The SAs that I have dealt with were not helpful or pleasant and when I call there I usually get the run-around with "I'll call you back" responses. I haven't gotten a return call. Honestly it all depends or your SA. I haven't ever been to the Bala Saks, though.
  3. I too have heard mixed reviews on these boutiques... but I'd go to the free standing boutique... it seems like they would have more of a selection.
  4. I have only gone to LV boutique in KoP, depends on what SA you get...some can be nice, some are looking you over.......
  5. Thanks for the info minks, John5 and lvbliss!
  6. one of my friends goes to the KOP store and he too has found the king of prussia store people very unhelpful. He was used to using my sa here though so it could be he was just used to her fab service but he did say that they seemed like any request he had was a terrible imposition to them.
  7. Thanks for the insight LVcubster. Man, I'd hate to have my first LV experience be a negativee one. Maybe I'll try to hit Saks first and resort to KoP only if I have to . . .
  8. I've had good service at KoP. I think if you go in with confidence and you obviously know what you want, so that should be a bonus. Jamie who works there is super nice:yes:
  9. KOP has never given me a problem, but I prefer Bala. Closer and you know how KOP traffic and parking is! Actually I like AC the most, but I think it's only because I like the Pier.
  10. KOP Bouitque is the best!!!!!!!!! Stephanie is great! ask for stephanie she will help you, all of them are really nice. I love that store so much, always get great service. The store manager is awesome , her name is Jen. Chris (male) , he is awesome too. Try the store out, I would go on a weekday night when they arent busy. Saturday is insane! Good luck.
  11. KOP. i have a friend that goes to that one for all their LV needs
  12. Thanks alexis, rockstar, sjunky and lvuittonaddict! It's so nice to get some good feedback and to hear some positive comments about the actual boutique (and to get the names of a couple good SAs)!

    Rockstar - you're right about KoP parking! I'm just so curious to actually go in the store - I've walked by it constantly, but never go in!

    I'm hoping to go this Fri (which is actually the day of our anniversary), so hopefully, they won't be crazy busy!

    Thanks again everyone! I really appreciate it!
  13. go for judy or the grey-haired guy @ KoP