Shopping for LV bags in Paris

  1. Hi gals, I'm new to this forum and have been enjoying every moment here. Been thinking of going to Paris to shop for LV bags. Heard that there's limited purchase and stuff like that.:confused1: And I understand from the forum that it may be cheaper there. My friends and relatives have thus wanted me to buy for them. I will be probably buying 10 to 15 bags. Is there any considerations?
  2. It's been a few yrs since I've been in Paris, but it was def. cheaper. If you go to the LV site and click France instead of U.S, you'll be able to see some of the prices. I do remember the restriction was 2 handbags and 2 wallets. Not sure if it has changed too much.

    Have fun there!
  3. 15-20? Wow! :nuts: I don't exactly know for sure if they'll allow you to, but if your friends/relatives live there, they won't be able to get the tax refund. Good luck!
  4. OMG... that is a lot of purses.
  5. Thanks! Looks like I'll have to disappoint them.