Shopping for Chanel in San Francisco

  1. So I'll be heading there at the end of October. Do you guys have suggestions for Chanel shopping while I'm there? I'm itching for a new one!:wlae:
  2. Chanel boutique and Neiman Marcus carry Chanel which are both loacted at Union Square. Have a great time!
  3. Great--can't wait!
  4. If you head south of SF, and visiting Palo Alto, then you can go to NM in Stanford Mall... They carry Chanel in there too.
  5. Great! Alma V at NM is really helpful.... tell her her customer from Holland sent you!

  6. the NM sa`s from both sf & stanford are sweet
    the chanel sa in sf not so great
  7. Like others have already mentioned--NM in Palo Alto, NM in SF Union Square and the Chanel boutique in SF is right across the street. Visit Scott at the boutique, he's great..and quite cute as well!
  8. Jiles from SF NM Chanel is very helpful and sweet!
  9. From my experience, the actual boutique sa arent really nice....u can also check out Barneys (similiar to NM but in NY). They just opened yesterday but i'm not sure if they carry chanel. i'm going to check it out tomorrow so i will keep u updated.
  10. I got my med classic flap at the boutique at Union Square earlier this month. The SA was pretty nice, considering that I came in 15 minutes before closing (hey, I live in Reno now, it takes a while to get back home!), but it wasn't spectacular or anything. The SAs at the Palo Alto NM seemed nicer, but it could've just been my impeccable timing.
  11. I live in Melbourne but my friend is living in San Francisco at the moment. I was going to get her to get me a bag from the Chanel Boutique (it works out less expensive than buying here), is there anyone I can email or anything to find out what they have in stock??
  12. I love Cari at the SF boutique. The first time I met her, I went in in sweats and generally looking terrible (on way home from pilates) and she was so friendly and professional. She is the only SA I'll use anymore. I've not always had great experiences at the boutique, but now that I have her, I don't really care anymore.
  13. Would you happen to know if they have a PST in stock?
  14. I am not sure, as I've not been in, but I can check.
  15. Oh, I would be forever greatful if you could check for me. :heart: