Shopping for Bal in LA- Where to go?

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  1. I have a trip to LA next month and want to know where in LA area would have a better stock of bags and clutches? The Bal store, NM, or Barneys?
  2. How about calling the Balenciaga Sales agent on the phone ahead of time and also looking at the swatches of colors for 2010???

    That way you already know what style and color you want and ask for availability to narrow down where you will need to go.

    It probably is better this way.

    City is the most stocked but sells a lot of too!!!

    Do you want the city, work, weekender, first?

    Good luck!@
  3. amacasa- Thank you that's a great idea, I think I would still visit the boutique just for the fun of it!
  4. I think Barney's has a great selection of Bal. I'd start there. But please don't forget that Barney's, Saks, and Neiman Marcus are all on the same stretch of Wilshire Blvd, literally within less than a 1/4 mile walk of each other. You can easily walk from one to the next to compare the selection.

    Sorry I've never been to the Bal store in LA so I can't weigh in on their selection.
  5. ^^ thank you, i try to take a few spy shots!