shopping for accessries!!!

  1. watermelon and silver/silver!
    I wanted that so bad, but it won't stay onmy wrist =(
  2. watermelon charm and sliver/pond bracelet.
  3. watermelon slice and silver/pond
  4. Watermelon and silver/silver.

    I'd love a bangle but my hands are too wide! (I actually almost got stuck in one... oops!)

  5. You made me laugh!!! I pictured getting stuck in one. I always get stuck when I try on rings.
  6. Watermelon and silver/silver (I think it's more versatile).
  7. I vote watermelon and silver/silver!:yes:
  8. Watermelon and Silver/Silver
  9. watermelon slice and silver/pond :drool:
  10. watermellon and silver/pond
  11. watermelon/silver
  12. just one? hehe
    Watermelon charm and silver pond bracelet!