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  1. Hi there,

    I have a question. Recently, I saw a couple really nice deals on, but I have never purchased a Balenciaga handbag from overseas before (I live in California)

    Based on your previous experiences, how long is the duration of the shipping, how much is shipping/ duties/ customs? Please inform. I really don't want any surprises at the customs office.

    Thanks in advance!
  2. I was not charged any customs fees on my diabro order. They ran out of stock on the bag I had ordered, so I got a phone call all the way from Japan asking if I wanted another color instead. I did and I specified what kind of distressing I wanted. The bag came super fast and the leather was absolutely perfect.
  3. I'm from Australia and I purchased a city truffe from diabro a couple of weeks ago. Their customer service was great as they were prompt to respond to email questions and I received the bag within 4-5working days. I asked them to show a lesser amount when sending the parcel to me, which they did. I was lucky as I was not charged any taxes.
  4. i've never purchased a bbag from diabro, but i have purchased other things. i had a good experience with them. they contacted me by phone to verify my purchase and even offered to devalue my purchase so i could avoid paying custom fees. my purchases were delivered in about a week (i'm in the US) and packaged very well.
  5. i bought my city from last month and they were really nice and accommodating with all my demands and they sent the perfect bag with reduced declared value!!! i recommend them!!
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  7. I just purchased the Marron Glace LARGE/GRANDE Matelasse from Diabro ... at a wicked sale price, and could not be happier with my purchase and the service!!!
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  9. I am in Southern California and just bought the 2007 GH City Rough from Diabro. I placed the order on Saturday and received it the following week on Friday (almost 1 week). I did not have to pay duty taxes as it was declared at a lower value.
  10. My bag arrived in two days to Southern California- yes 2- and they asked me what to put on the customs declaration.:tup:
  11. so the bags they send out are 100% authentic?
  12. The bag I purchased from Diabro is 100% authentic.:yes:
  13. I purchased a Bbag from Diabro last March and had a VERY good experience with them. Not only was the Bbag way below retail, but it was DEFINITELY authentic and the leather on the bag was superb. It took 3 business days from my bag to get to me in Washington, DC, from Japan. NOT BAD AT ALL!

    Diabro are an authorized retailer of Balenciagas...
  14. i just recieved a bag from diabro WAY below retail, and i have nothing but great things to say about them. The shipping was very fast (two business days) and i didn't pay any customs.

    now that I know how nice it is to order from them it's becoming even harder to resist some of those crazy sales they have! :borg1:
  15. What was the declared value to avoid the extra charges?????