Shopping etc. in SEOUL??

  1. hello ladies and gents!

    any suggestions for seoul? where to go, where to shop, ´must sees` etc.? any help is much appreciated. :heart: :flowers:
  2. My bf is there right now... just left last night... he is excited to go to the demilitarized zone? Lol, I sincerely doubt he'll be exploring the shopping, but he got a book on Seoul and said it was pretty helpful to him, might be an option. I can ask him if he has some recommendations when he returns though.
  3. I'm going to Seoul on 14th. When are you visiting? What do you want to do? Be more specific. I go there almost every year.Tell me what you want to shop, what kind of food you like. One of the things I want to do this time is to go do countryside for the outdoor open market that happens every 5 days.
  4. i went there a few yrs ago and went to some of the markets, i couldn't tell you which one but i didn't really get anything. went to LOTTE, their big dept store and din get anything either =P i was so disappointed cos my friends raved about how great the shopping was. maybe i just didn't know where to go =(

    i just ate alot =) i love trying new food.
  5. I have been Seoul twice few years ago. I like the city - it is clean and beautiful. I enjoyed having fun at Lotto Park...
  6. thank you all! :heart:

    well, this question is actually for my mum. she flew there today. and i thought i'd ask you ladies where the best places are. she also wanted to know if there are any good hairdressers, lol. any suggestions?

    are there any shopping centers (with designers and stuff)?
  7. The Hyundai Department Store. There are a few different locations in store. I clearly remember that there were 9-11 stories (can't remember exact #) and was filled to the brim with high fashion designer clothes, bags, etc. and also had some really pretty clothing that is only available in europe and asia. And they also have restuarants and a food hall/grocery store. Overall it's pretty awesome. When I visited my mother a couple years ago I went there about 3 times and loved every single second of it. Besides the fact that I had no idea what anyone was saying around me lol.
  8. Forget about department store shopping unless she wants high end Korean designers that are not available in the US. Othewise everything else is very expensive. She should go to the duty free shops. Seoul has the BEST duty free shops!!! My favorites are the ones located at Shilla hotel, Lotte hotels (there's one in Chamsil & the other is called Lotte Main or Sogong-dong) & LV & chanel is basically the same price but no tax :smile: . The have a large one at the airport but I find that the hotels have better deals.They have great prices on longchamp bags, cosmetics. Some people like the E-tae won area for shopping but IMO it's a waste of time, it's all fake stuff. I would suggest Dongdaemoon night market for clothes.
  9. many good tips, thanks so much! :flowers: