Shopping dillema, help me pick out a lightly used Vernis Lexington! :)

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  1. So, I have the option of Vernis Lexington Fleur in Pink... *drool* or a Lexington in Fuchsia... They are both in fabulous condition which is why this is making it so hard for me.

    Which would be a better buy?

    Thanks, TPF! :heart:
  2. I would go for the Fuchsia. I love that color! :tup:
  3. I would choose Fuchsia.
  4. Another vote or Fuchsia! It's so prettyyh.. I'm trying to find myself a Lexington in fuschia, too :drool:
  5. Another vote for fuuuchsia! :heart:
  6. I vote for Fuchsia too :drool:
  7. Lexington in Fuchsia!!
  8. Another vote for Fuchsia!
  9. Go for the Fuchsia
  10. Fuchsiaholics, I see... lol. :P

    But I'm curious, would your answers be different if the Fleur was in a different color than the light pink?
  11. fuchia!
  12. fuschia - it's amazing!
  13. The Fuschia! I agree that it's a fab color!
  14. I would choose Fuchsia. It's beautiful!
  15. Fuchsia it is! :smile: I'll post pics when it gets here.