Shopping dilemma - please help!

  1. Hello everyone :smile:

    I would really apreciate you're input.

    So, I finally manage to get to the Mulberry store in Stockholm, excited and fully armed with knowledge and pros and cons from you all.

    I was sure to get the Lily in oak or the small bays satchel in oak and the Daria long zippy wallet.

    Trying the lily and love it, of course, but the strap is too short, it doesn't look and sit right on me across the body. I need to wear it like that with a little son to carry around. I'm really disapointed because apart from that the Lily is perfect for me.
    So moving on to the sbs, no oak colour in the store :sad:

    Looking at the Daria wallet but decide to get the long Somerset zippy wallet instead.
    I have the smaller one and love the leather so I guess that was good at least.

    But on to the bag, I need a smallish across body bag what do you all think of the Somerset bag that can be worn across the body?
    I haven't seen any posts about it on here, doesn't seem very popular...
    Is there a reason for that? Is it too old looking perhaps?
    I didn't see it in the store and forgot to ask when I was there.
    I was thinking of the Daria satchel but I prefer the sturdier leather in the Somerset range.

    What do you think? Thanks :smile:

    Oh I got a nice padlock necklace too :smile:
  2. image-4143883744.jpg

    My Somerset long zipped wallet and padlock necklace :smile:
  3. My black daria satchel is beautiful!! I use it for work now as well as academia is slightly less formal.

    I love the daria style and also own a medium hobo in oxblood. I don't know much about the Somerset though.

    You can't go wrong with Daria. I have no kids but I think it is a good size and the material is good. I put a bit of cardboard in the back to firm it up a little.

    ooh and lovely purchases by the way! And maybe the new Bryn style might work for you?
  4. Thank you Cp princess :smile:
    Yes, the Daria is gorgeous but I really want a steardier leather. Have to check out the Brynt :smile:
  5. Personally I love the Somerset range - hence the name!:smile:

    I have an oak Somerset shoulder and it's fabulous. You can fit so much in, the leather is thick and sturdy and I never worry about having to be extra careful with it.

    I always get comments on how nice it is and when they spot the little disc on the front, they tell me how much more they like it now they see it's a Mulberry!

    I saw the Somerset satchel last weekend and I loved it (but I would!) I thought it looked both stylish, understated and practical. My only concern was the strap may be a little thin depending upon what you are carrying.

    I don't think the Somerset range gets a lot of love on here because there are more popular bags which have grasped people in recent times - bays, Alexa, Lily etc. that said, the Somerset is part of their icon range and is continued every year in v similar shapes/styles.

    If you like it don't worry about it and give it a try
  6. Hi Somerset love, fab name :smile:

    It sound perfect, it's exactly what I'm looking for in a bag. Sturdy and thick leather. I'm tired of having to be to carefull all the time, I use my LV Noe or Saumur or the Alexa and they all need babying with our harsh weather here ;)
    I need an easygoing workhorse as my everyday love :smile:
    Looks like I've finally find her!
  7. Glad to help! Hope you do a reveal when you get her