Shopping dilemma-need you opinion

  1. So, I'll be in Vegas next week for my 5th wedding anniversary. DH has a gambling budget and I have a matched budget. I don't gamble, so instead I shop!!! I plan on a tokidoki shopping spree and already have the stores mapped out that I need to hit. I'm eyeing a few tutti zuccas here, but I should wait till Vegas and see what they have, right?
  2. I'd wait for Vegas~ It seems like that'll be the place to definitely find some good toki... will the zuccas still be here waiting for when you come back? You could always just buy them if you don't find anything on your trip~
  3. Thanks! That's what I keep telling myself, especially since I'm not supposed to buy anymore bags, here at least. There's one on eBay that I like because baby sumo is on both sides. I guess I'm torn because I don't own a zucca yet.
  4. Maybe you'll find your perfect zucca in Vegas! :p I just wouldn't want you to buy one now, and then go and see an amazing one, and feel bad :p
  5. You're right! I'm going to try to wait!!! Thanks!
  6. :tup: Yay!!
  7. There is a lesportsac store in the mall in Vegas. It's pretty cool. They had a ton of the Spiaggia print in every style. But that was over a month ago. Good luck and let us know what you find.

  8. We'll have our laptop with us! I'll be sure to let everyone know if I find anything good!! Thanks!
  9. Which mall in Vegas? I've heard there's one at the big outlet center at the border between California and Nevada.
  10. It's the Fashion Show Mall. It's right across the street from the Wynn. It's huge! The LesportSac store is on the third level all the way down at one end.

    Oh and there's a Tapas place on the ground floor on the outside of the mall...sooooooooo good.
  11. i would wait, since that would be so fun to buy one during that anniversary trip. good luck!
  12. The Fashion Show Mall has a Lesportsac but last time I was there was also over a month ago. They also have them at I think Nordstroms? or Bloomingdales? I can't recall right now.
  13. There are also 2 Metroparks in Vegas!! :graucho:
  14. if you have extra funds that you can spare, i would just buy one here and then if i see the perfect one in VEGAS buy it and return the one i have at home.

    have fun in VEGAS, WIN BIG!
  15. I would wait and get that "special" bag for your anniversary. And happy anniversary. We just celebrated ours last week (30 years) and of course I got a Tokidoki bag. OK so I bought it ahead of time and gave it to him to give to me but that works for us. He used to complain that he never knew what I wanted so this is our solution to that problem.