Shopping Dilema!!!

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  1. Okay since its PCE time again I need to get my wishlist finished ;).

    This is a lil background: I really want a black bag or a casual one. I have a Large Pear Hobo which I am totally in :heart: with. The next bag I get is going to be for winter or when I am going out and don't need to carry too much. I have a kind big wallet and its the only reason I am looking at the larger bags (even though I don't need one)

    Do I get a bag that fits my Slim Envelope wallet or use a mini skinny? I don't mind using mini's / wristlets.

    Which large bag is best? (all in Black)

    OR Do I go with a small bag?? (LOVE THE DENIM) (I had this bag, but returned it because I thought it was to small, BUT I thinks its gorgeous)

    OR should I just get some accessories and wait to go to an outlet the 3rd week of June? TIA
  2. The link you posted was for the medium hobo I have that in white and love it. Very roomy.

    As for small bags how about the Carly top handle pouch? Unlike other pouches it has LOADS of room.
  3. If you will use it, get the carly demi! I have a Soho leather flap and honestly, with a slim envelope wallet, keys and a phone, there isn't much room left in it. I consider that one of my small bags. Of the two ergos, I think I'd go with the hobo. So I say, get the carly demi, the ergo hobo and a mini skinny to use with the carly!
  4. I want something that fits good on my shoulder and the top handle didn't.

    How does the hobo stay on the shoulder??
  5. Much better than the pouch, I like it.
    But it you are looking for a one handed put on your shoulder bag, this isn't as easy. My arms are kind of big though, so maybe that's why I have to use my other hand =)
  6. My arms are big as well. I can do the one handed with my small hobo though.
  7. If you are getting it for the winter, then you want something that will fit over your shoulder with all your layers and stuff. I think the turquiose hobo is most practical (the large) Also it will go well with black and browns for the winter ! Good luck and have fun !
  8. I live in FL so even in winter there is not too many layers. I just want an all around bag. I am going Wednesday to pre sale so I better make my mind up quick!