Shopping: D&G quilted leather jacket & Vera Wang dress

  1. Time to tell me if these were good choices!

    I ordered this jacket from NAP, possibly getting it tomorrow... Give your honest opinion, because I'm not sure. On the other hand, I absolutely love it but on the other hand... Well, just not sure. So ladies, give your honest opinion!:tup: or :tdown:, and why so!

    And I also wanted to try out this one, from Vera Wang Lavender. It was on sale. You might as well give your opinion on this dress! If you want to know, I'm about sz 2 and 5'3.


    Really appreciate your comments:flowers::flowers::flowers:
  2. Hi, I have to say these are both GREAT choices!!! I am in love with that jacket!!!! I have never heard of NAP. Do you mind giving me the number/web site and price?
    These are both such classy and fashionable pieces that
    you will get a ton of wear out of! You should feel great
    about your decisions!!!!
  3. I think she means
    The jackets cute!
    But i love that dress i was concidering buying it a few weeks ago!
    Congrats on your new purchases.
  4. Thanks!

    The store is Net-a-Porter.

    The prices were 869 € for the jacket and 448,73 € for the dress. Unfortunately the jacket seems to be almost sold out (only sz 44 available), but they do get returns...
  5. :heart: the dress!! It's gorgeous!
  6. I think the dress would look better without the pettycoat (or what it's called, that see thorugh thing hanging out at the bottom). Maybe you could cut it ? Other than that it's gorgeous!
  7. I have thought about removing the tulle hem... But we'll see after they arrive! Hopefully today, for sure tomorrow.

    Can't wait!:cursing:
  8. Good choices.
    Post pics when you get them.
  9. I love the jacket.
  10. I LOVE the jacket! The dress is lovely too but the jacket is TDF!