Shopping Clubs?

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  1. I know about Shoedazzle where you get emailed some shoes each month and you pay a monthly price and they send them to you and I'm wondering if there's any other similar clubs like that. I love that you fill in a profile and then there's stylists who try to find things for you. I like too*how it's a certain amount each month so it's like you can budget for it. My friend is part of Shoedazzle and she's got some really cute shoes that she might not normally pick up in a store herself. I'd love to find groups like that for other things I spend money on.
    Anything beauty or fashion would be awesome! Oh and they'd have to be okay with shipping to Canada too.
  2. No suggestions here, but I've never heard of this before and it sounds kind of awesome! I have funny feet and I'm picky, but it sounds like fun to just have new stuff sent to you every month. Can you return shoes if you don't like them?