Shopping bites the dust

  1. I always feel really disgusting after going shopping with my friend because she always buys so many new outfits and most of the time I can't even find one thing that looks good. Its quite depressing, I'm not happy right now.
  2. sorry that you are feeling this way but there is a silver lining - at least you are saving money!! ;)

    I know that prob doesn't help
  3. go buy yourself a cute bag! they always look good!! :graucho:
  4. ahhh dont worry, no two people look the same in clothes. There are always going to be styles that look amazing on you and fit perfectly, that dont look right at all on your friend :smile:

    Just really be honest about your body shape and learn what really suits you. I bet your friend thinks you always looks amazing and wishes she dressed like you too ;)
  5. :yes: I was just thinking that as I read the original post! Whenever I can't find a cute outfit, I usually end up buying accessories to make my day fulfilled! Try having a cute shoe, bag, or jewelry collection!

    This sounds pretty stupid but, wearing a pretty ring or bracelet makes me feel better on my ugly/bloated/bad hair days. I guess it's because I see my hands more often than I do my face or outfit.
  6. Geez, this may sound old fashioned, but it might be the pick-me-up you need...what about a consultation? I know they have a few over here where I live (Europe), Colour Me Beautiful is one I remember. It's not too expensive, and it is a couple of hours devoted to making you look good and give you a "leg up" on buying things that will make you look and feel great. Look it up in the Yellow Pages, maybe under image consultant.

    Or maybe there is a trendy shop nearby that has a personal shopper service. I know even TopShop does it in the UK, so they do have them. And alot of the stores offer it for free.

    Or, maybe just ask your friend to help YOU shop one day and give you some help. Maybe if you explain how you feel, she'll be able to give you some suggestions.

    Or is there maybe something else that is really the problem? If you don't feel good about yourself, nothing ever looks right, because you hate looking in the mirror anyways. In that case, shopping won't be the answer and you will just end up with alot of things that aren't right anyway and you'll be PO'd because you spent too much money on nothing!

    I think we've all been there. Let me know if I can help at all. Good luck!
  7. ITA with what you said! :tup:

    OT- but I see Kiefer Sutherland in your avatar! I LOVE 24 :love:
  8. Bags fit everyone!! Won't make you look fat!
  9. this is true! being bloated and having cramps can really mess with my moods esp when i'm shopping! however looking at the MJ counter at bloomingdales did catch my eye ;)
  10. LOL, this is why i'm obsessed with handbags - shoes hurt me, and clothes never fit me!
  11. This is why I'm a shoe addict, gain 10 pounds, loose 10 pounds - I'm always the same shoe size!

    (I know what you mean though)
  12. shopping is always fun! I was in montreal this weekend and bought soo much stufff - i am obsessed with this store, urban behavior there!! I am glad to be home though and catch up on the latest episode of How to Look Good Naked that's on Lifetime!
  13. I agree... go for the accessories! I tend to buy very simple clothing and then use my accessories to "make" the outfit. :yes:
  14. Maybe some nice jewelry will give you a little pick up.
  15. I know exactly what you mean! Some people are very lucky when it comes to shopping, its as if the clothes call out to them. I know that sometimes I do better when im by myself and I can take my time to look at what I want to look at, and try on things that are different etc. there is no pressure to hurry up or decide right then and there. Sometimes you may just not be in the mood to shop, I agree with the rest why not look at things like bags, accessories things that are easier to purchase.