Shopping Balenciaga in Europe

  1. Hey all ~ I'm going to be in Spain for 5 weeks (leaving in 3 days!!!) and wanted to know if there is anyone who lives in Spain, France, or another area in that proximity who knows about shopping Balenciaga, or anyone who has travelled to Europe & found great places/deals on the bags.

    Any stories about finding your Balenciaga bag(s) while travelling are welcome too since that's what I'm hoping to do!

  2. Two years ago I travelled to Dublin, and Brown Thomas (Department store) had a sale. I ended up buying an indigo first for $600, my sister snagged a Turquiose. Mind you, I wasnt planning on buying anything, I wasnt even really looking for a BBag but I couldnt let a deal like that go.

    I was in Paris a month ago and I had great service at both Printemps and the George V store.
  3. Ohh, lucky you! I found the names of 2 stores that carry Balenciaga- right in Madrid where I'll be staying! They will probably be regularly priced, but I'm glad at least somebody found a good deal for $600 ;) Thanks for the info!