Shopping bags..why are stores so cheap?

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  1. OK...maybe I'm just I the only one who hates buying a bunch of clothes and they stick them into a little bag? Am I the only one who thinks plastic bags are cheap...I go to Macys and spend a couple hundred bucks and all I get is a plastic bag???
    I went to Coach the other day...spent $400 and the cheap paper bag fell apart by the end of the day....sheesh!
    Or the stores where the bag has a drawstring to wear as a backpack, and when you try to carry it in your hands it's almost dragging on the floor...

    This is just one of my pet peeves...:mad:

    Anyone else feel the same way?
    Any stores in particular that you absolutely hate the bags they give out??
  2. I hate the draw string bags. I especially hate when you buy like a shirt or something and they put it in a fold over paper bag that has no handles to grasp.
  3. I HATE THIS TOOOO!!!!! It just happened to me today. I was at the store and she was shoving like 20 things in a small little bag. So much that it was all sticking out of the top. I said can you please put it in two bags and she rolled her eyes! Its like you are asking them to pay for the freaking bags!!!! That is one of my biggest pet peeves.
  4. i agree, though there is this one upscale store where i live, and i purchased some shoe protector there, and the bags they use are divine. It's a very thick cardboard, with a canvas coating, and then nice fabric handles and in the middle of the bag, there are two strings that they tie into a bow. It is a very nice bag and must cost a couple of bucks, but since the stuff they sell is hugely expensive, i guess they recoup their costs :smile:
  5. Add me to the list! I hate those plastic bags, and Macy's is at the top of my Peeve List. :rant: Totally tacky and cheap, and worthless for carrying around all day.

    I remember when (a looonngg time ago) the nicer department stores, if they didn't give you a nice bag, at least kept a dispenser around where for a nickel you could buy a decent bag. :idea:
  6. I hate Cheap Bags.
  7. Yes! I hate folded over paper bags. They hurt your hands after awhile. Drawstrings too. The best are two handled, proper shopping bags...followed by heavy plastic bags w/ double handles.
  8. The best bags I've ever seen are from Scoop. VERY thick, durable plastic. You could use them as luggage.

  9. It really bugs me when you buy a couple pieces of jewelry, say two necklaces, and the clerk shoves both into a tiny bag. The necklaces just end up getting intertwined and I always have to ask that each piece of jewelry be put into a seperate bag and then into a slightly larger one.

    The drawstring ones also annoy me because I end up wrapping the cord around my hand and the circulation gets cut off.
  10. I hate the drawstring bag!! its so unconvienient and its LOOKS TACKY AND SAGGY . By the time you get home the bag is all crumpeld and looking like you pulled it of the trash!!! I think it was meant for valley girls or teeny boppers to wear it as "trendy" backpack.....ew
  11. I hate the drawsting bag too! And the fold over paper bag. I mean , how much money can it cost to add a handle?
  12. i don't care out all about bag quality in all honesty. the purpose of it is to get your purchase from the store to your car to your house. they aren't intended to be a cute item to carry around with you all day. i mean if louis vuitton gave out used publix bags to hold my new speedy i wouldn't even raise an eyebrow.
  13. I defintely prefer the heavy quality paper shopping bags with double handles over the cheapo plastic bags. Our Marshall Fields (which gives out nice paper shopping bags) is becoming a Macy's, so I guess they'll be giving out crappy bags too. :sad:

    I hate those drawstring bags too.
  14. well.. to tell you the truth.. bags cost the company a ton of money.. sometimes more than merchandise themselves! bags/tissue paper/stationary are all very expensive. sometimes they could just run out of a good bag.

    and you have to keep in mind, most bags are made in china.. like coach's shopping bags.
  15. I hate this too! I always ask for a paper shopping bag.