Shopping bags and boxes

  1. Do you keep your LV shopping bags and/or boxes?

    Now that I'm at the point where I'm actively using my bags and accessories (as opposed to just collecting them, lol), I think it might be time to recycle the extra 'stuff'. Although part of me thinks the LV boxes (I only have 2- 1 has a coin purse, the other holds my mini hl) might make cute storage boxes for papers, coins, etc.

    I should mention I do not sell my handbags.

    So... what do you do? If you've kept your boxes, how do you use them?
  2. I keep all my boxes, to store my bags when i m not using them. :smile:
  3. No, I throw them out. Sometimes I keep the accessories boxes, but I got rid of all my bag boxes. Too big to store!
  4. I kept all the boxes, but not the shopping bags.
  5. yep me too:yes:
  6. I have kept all the shopping bags and definitely the boxes... I make room for the boxes in my closet.. LOL. I think it's cute to save the Luxury store shopping bags... atleast one from each store, ya know?
  7. i keep my boxes. they have their own shelf. i keep my bags in my closet.
  8. I can't remember which member does this (more than one I'm sure !), but there have been some really cute pictures of a "DIY" jewellery box made out of LV sliding boxes stacked up. I can't wait until I accumulate more so I can do this !
  9. I save the bags...fold them up in my 'holiday' closet. They come in handy every once in a while. I normally don't get boxes w/my bags so I only have a handful of those. Accessories is a different story. My accessories are all kept in their brown boxes in my closet.
  10. i keep my few boxes to put LV when not using...:tup:
  11. I'm keeping my box and the shopping bag it came in. Mainly because I use the box to store my speedy in.. and the shopping bag.. well.. it was my first LV purchase. Gotta keep the milestone bag, I think.
  12. I keep my boxes and bags for sure, I like how they make my closet look neat and organized...:tup:
  13. I keep them all to store the bags when not in use - the smaller boxes inside the bigger ones to save on closet space... You can use the accessory boxes to store stuff, jewelry etc...
  14. I keep them stacked up.

    Usually when I bring it home, I let my cat play with the boxes and wrappings first, and if I feel like it, I'll take down some older boxes and make a "castle" for him to play in lol. Usually he stays and hides in the new box.
  15. I keep everything and use them for storage! If anyone has a pochette sized box they can send my way I would be ever greatful. One of my eBay purchases didn't come with a box. :smile: