shopping bag only??

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  1. I told my husband I can't wait to get to the Las vegas caesars palace LV boutique so I can walk around Vegas carrying an LV shopping bag. He said fine but...I CAN ONLY BUY THE SHOPPING BAG..NOT SOMETHING TO PUT IN IT.:confused1: Little does he know about my LV stash:yahoo: lol
  2. LOL! Your husband is pretty funny. :lol: Anyway, have fun and don't forget to post pics!!! :yahoo:
  3. Cute!!!! Let us know what you buy!!! And go to ALL of the LVs in Las Vegas!!!!
  4. HAHAAHA aww your husband is funny~~
    Keep us updated~!
  5. hehe, have fun in Vegas, what happens in Vegas don't always stay there :graucho: Can't wait to see the pix :yahoo:
  6. hehehe... let us know of yr trip..:tup:
  7. Keep us info!!!
  8. hahahaha, he is pretty funny! Have fun and show us what you get.
  9. Haha thats funny, dont worry, you are not alone I love doing that too especially when its a huge one!! Everyone looks at me and look like theyre wondering what I got hehe! :p